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Title: Van Diemans Land, New Holland; The Land about Botany Bay; Entrance of Port Jackson when Close Under the South Head (by) Geo. Raper

Creator: Raper, George

Location repository: National Library of Australia

Repository work id number: PIC/3312 LOC MS SR Held at MS 9433

Title type: repository

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Culture: British

Descriptive note: This is a group of three paintings on one sheet. The top painting depicts the shore and mountainous skyline of the south coast of Tasmania. Far left is South West Cape, mid-left the islands of the Maatsuyker Group and the Mewstone. The mountain centre background is Precipitous Bluff, in front Prion Bay, and New River Lagoon. The 'peake'd hill', marked 'p', is Pindars Peak. The middle painting depicts a coastal profile of Botany Bay. The lower painting depicts the entrance to Port Jackson from the (cont.) South Head. A watermark reads 'LVG' (?) and depicts a Fleur-de-lis device.


Earliest date: 1791

Extent creator:

Inscriptions: Signed (lower right corner, in ink): Geo. Raper 1791; Inscribed (beneath top image, in ink) Van Diemans (cont.) Land, (cont.) New Holland (1) the Mew Stone N.b E. (p) Peak'd Hill N.E. b N (t) Tasmans Head open with the S.E. Cape N.E.b E.; Inscribed (beneath image, in ink) The land about Botany Bay the Entrance N. b W. 3 leagues; Inscribed (beneath image, in ink) Entrance of Port Jackson when close under the South Head. The points '1', 'p' and 't' are inscribed on the painting.

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Language: English

Latest date: 1791

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Materials techniques: ink and watercolour on paper

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Measurements: 23.2 x 18.5 cm (sheet)

Object work type: painting


Record source: NLA catalogue

Record type: item

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