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Title: Study of a Bloodhound

Creator: Hunt, Holman

Location repository: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Repository work id number: 105.2002

Title type: repository

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Culture: British

Descriptive note: A study for Holman Hunt's 'Eve of Saint Agnes' exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1848. Hunt sought Millais's assistance in completing the picture and worked on it in the younger artist's studio. It was also this picture which inspired Rossetti to turn to Hunt for help in painting his 'Ecce Ancilla Domini', the first work exhibited bearing the initials PRB. The blood hound in Hunt's sketch was lent to him by John Blount Price of Islington (as the artist later recalled). The importance of the dogs to Hunt's conception of the (cont.)subject is refelected in the lines from Keats which he quoted in the Royal Academy exhibition catalogue 'The wakeful blood hound rose, and shook his hide, But his sagacious eye an imate owns'.


Earliest date: 1848

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Language: English

Latest date: 1848

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Materials techniques: board laid down on card

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Measurements: 25.6 x 28.9 cm (irregular)

Object work type: painting


Record source: AGNSW online catalogue

Record type: item

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