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Title: Constantine Investing his Son Crispus with Command of the Fleet

Creator: Rubens, Peter Paul

Location repository: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Repository work id number: 483.1993

Title type: repository

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Culture: Flemish/German

Descriptive note: This painting illustrates a story from the life of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Crispus, Constantine's eldest son, is shown receiving command of the imperial fleet before the campaign against Licinius. This is accomplished under the aegis of the Goddess of Victory and Neptune, the Lord of the Sea. Despite such unpromising narrative material, Rubens avoids bombast, delivering instead a credible tableau in which all participants, even the allegorical ones, boast the ruddy blush of life. The dynamism of Rubens's (cont.) every brush stroke prevails over the provisional nature of this format to produce a wonderfully complete composition.


Earliest date: 1622

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Language: English

Latest date: 1622

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Materials techniques: panel

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Measurements: 37.6 x 30.2 x 0.5 cm

Object work type: painting


Record source: AGNSW online catalogue

Record type: item

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