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Title: Collection of sketches by J. W. Lewin, P. P King, P. G. King and others, 1793-1850

Creator: Lewin, J. W. (John William)

Location repository: State Library of New South Wales

Repository work id number: PX*D 379

Title type: repository

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Culture: English

Descriptive note: The collection contains 24 watercolours, 4 pencil, 6 wash and 4 ink sketches, 1 engraving, 1 photoprint in 2 portfolios. Portfolio was made in July 1962 from miscellaneous sketches formerly kept in drawers in manuscript room - information from catalogue card. Nos. 1-4 dated from another Tahitian portrait by Lewin in the same portfolio.


Earliest date: 1793

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Language: English

Latest date: 1850

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Measurements: Portfolios: 56.5 x 39.5 cm

Object work type: drawing


Record source: PICMAN Catalogue (online)

Record type: collection

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