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Title: Parrot from the Mountains of New Holland [crimson rosellas]

Creator: Unknown

Location repository: State Library of New South Wales

Repository work id number: V/30

Title type: repository

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Descriptive note: On wove paper. Dated on stylistic grouds, comparisons with other bird illustrations of similar period in the Library's collections such as PXD 226, and the use of the words New Holland in the titled which was unusual past the 1810s. Colour transparency digitised 1998. Purchased, Dec. 1996


Earliest date: c. 1800

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Language: English

Latest date: c. 1800

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Link resource:,1?

Materials techniques: watercolour

Materials techniques 2:

Measurements: 41.2 x 50.5 cm

Object work type: drawing


Record source: PICMAN Catalogue (online)

Record type: item

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