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Title: Atherine, Tabacco-Pipe Fish, Remora Fish

Creator: Stone, Sarah

Location repository: State Library of New South Wales

Repository work id number: PXA 909/13

Title type: repository

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Culture: British

Descriptive note: see John White," Journal of a voyage to New South Wales" pl. 64, p. 296. Now known as a anchovies, flute-mouth and sucking fish.


Earliest date: c. 1790

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Language: English

Latest date: c. 1790

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Materials techniques: watercolour

Materials techniques 2:

Measurements: Frame lines: 17.0 x 23.1 cm Sheet: 33.8 x 25.1 cm

Object work type: drawing


Record source: PICMAN Catalogue (online)

Record type: item

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