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Title: Captn James Cook F.R.S. - [watercolour on ivory miniature]

Creator: Unknown

Location repository: State Library of New South Wales

Repository work id number: MIN 84

Title type: repository

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Descriptive note: In a rectangular ebony frame. The frame has a glass window edged in brass and a mental crest with a black velvet ribbon affixed to top centre for hanging. The back of the frame is sealed in paper. Drawing is similar to a portrait medallion of Captain Cook produced by Josiah Wedgwood and Thomas Bentley in 1784 and modelled by John Flaxman. It depicts Cook's profile and was adapted from the Royal Society medallion executed by Lewis Pingo in 1779. The portrait also bears resemblance to an engraving by T. Cook after Lewis Pingo. This miniature is one of five of Captain Cook bequeathed by D. S. Mitchell in 1907.


Earliest date: 1780

Extent creator:

Inscriptions: Etched on frame below portrait, "Captn James Cook / F R S"

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Language: English

Latest date: 1784

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Materials techniques: watercolour

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Measurements: Inside frame: 6.2 x 5.0 cm Frame: 13.3 x 11.2 cm

Object work type: drawing


Record source: PICMAN Catalogue (online)

Record type: item

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