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Title: View of Lake Nemi

Creator: Wright of Derby, Joseph

Location repository: National Gallery of Victoria

Repository work id number: 480/3

Title type: repository

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Culture: British

Descriptive note: Also known as Lake Nemi, sunset (NGV Painting Catalogue) c. 1790 (NGV Painting Catalogue) oil on wood panel (NGV Painting Catalogue) Accessioned, 1990 (E1-1990) (NGV Painting Catalogue)


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Label related work: A large replica (105 x 128 cm) is in the Louvre RF 1970-52.

Language: English

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Materials techniques: canvas

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Measurements: 44.5 x 62.5 cm

Object work type: painting


Record source: Tomory & Gaston no. 150

Record type: item

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