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Name: Psalterium, Breviarium, Missale

Repository: National Library of Australia

Settlement: Canberra

Associated Manuscript Items:
Psalterium, Breviarium, Missale

Library ref: MS.1097/4

Acquisition: acquired from the Clifford family of Chudleigh in 1964

Binding: binding 15c. German stamped vellum over bevelled oak boards; covers carry a centre panel of interlaced flower sprays and around it a panel containing eight compartments of Biblical scenes, each with a legend, but often much rubbed; remains of clasps on the front cover, and of one strap on the back cover (second strap missing).


Collation: (10)1 (12)2-13 (8)14 (12)15-16 (13)17 (14)18 (16)19 (14)20 (11)21 (9)22 (12)23-27 (6)28 (12)29-33 (10)34 (2)35. Quire 1 lacks its first two sheet


Condition: Edges cut fol. 214 has two large holes in the vellum, with loss of text, while the lower part of fol. 254 has been removed, resulting in loss of text

Deco desc: red rubrics; caps red; entries in Calendar black and red; initials alternately red, with blue penwork and blue, with red penwork

Dimensions: 142 x 110 mm

Extent: ii + 401

Foliation: The scribe has foliated 231r.Ñ250r. and 264r,Ñ399r. by placing the roman numerals iÑxx, xxiÑclvi in the centre of the right. margin of the recto side.

Hand desc: German littera gothica textualis


Layout: one col. of 33 lines for the Calendar (1r.-5r. of 32 lines for the Psalter (5v.-.34v.), of 13 to 15 lines on 251r.Ñ263v., and of 26 lines elsewhere

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Exhibition, p.24, no.51

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xivin

Orig place: [Ela] William Clifford of Boscombe - Wiltshire, England the Clifford family of Chudleigh - Ugbrook House, Devon


Provenance: inside front cover in 16c. hand are ÔEterne rerum conditorÕ, a name (effectively erased) and the date 1568; Av. ÔIn festiuitate beati Cudberti episcopi ordinatus sum in Acolatatus gradus Sapirs (?) Portu (?) Suis quisque fingitur moribus 1562 AnnoÕ, followed by short quotations, much rubbed, two of which are attributed to Anselmus and Bernardus Clarevallensis; 1v. in another 16c. hand is a partly legible scribble Ô. . . uiuens . . . pro christi numineÕ; Br., Bv. and continued inside back cover are Cantica in feste (sic) pasce: Quis est iste qui uenit de edom [Isa. LXIII,1] . . .; Ar. the name ÔJoannes Dir H. MayerÕ occurs twice with the dates 1567 and 1569; inside front cover ÔCharles Clifford m.d. cccxxxixÕ

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 6



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-ii 15 c paper


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