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Name: Statuta Communis Florentiea (fragment)

Repository: Mitchell Library, Special Collections, State Library of New South Wales

Settlement: Sydney

Associated Manuscript Items:
Statuta Communis Florentiea (fragment)

Library ref: Inc.S.23

Acquisition: acquired in 1965





Condition: The fragment is much rubbed in places. The sheets are preserved in a copy of Iohannes Marchesinus, Mammotrecus super Bibliam, Nicolaus Jenson, Venice 1479. Two folios (with a small portion of a third), each having lost several mm. of its length and width, now used as front (=A) and back fly-leaf (=B) of an incunabulum. Part of A protrudes between the gatherings of the printed book, and its total length is now only 162mm., while the width is 215mm. B is the debris of a bi-folio, one folio of it surviving only as part of a col., other folio is almost intact across both cols of text; however, the whole bi-folio fragment has been refolded and half pasted inside back cover, the other half acts as an end-paper.

Deco desc: red initials and rubrics.

Dimensions: A 162 x 215mm,

Extent: two folios (with a small portion of a third)


Hand desc: Italian littera gothica textualis


Layout: ruling brown ink, 2 cols: 20 lines to a col. remain on A and 28 lines to a col. on B

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Orig date: s. xiv 2

Orig place:



Record hist source: Sinclair no. 64



Support: vellum


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