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Name: Biblia Vulgata - Remigius Altissiodorensis Interpretationes Nominum Hebraicorum

Repository: National Library of Australia

Settlement: Canberra

Associated Manuscript Items:
Biblia Vulgata- Remigius Altissiodorensis
Interpretationes Nominum Hebraicorum

Library ref: MS.1097/3

Acquisition: acquired from the Clifford family of Chudleigh in 1964

Binding: 16c. calf over boards, blank shield stamped in blind in the centre with a panel of stylized floral sprays.


Collation: (24)1-18 (14)19 ( 24)20 (9)21 The second quire is misbound and should be read after the third. Quire 19 lacks its last two which were probably blank, and quire 21 needs its last nine, the remains of which are caught in the binding.


Condition: A few margins have been cut out, but there is no loss of text. Edges trimmed.

Deco desc: Red rubrics; large initials red, with blue penwork, or blue, with red penwork, many with marginal extensions; letters of the running Book titles and numbers alternately blue, and red.

Dimensions: 155 x 105 mm

Extent: i + 479


Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis


Layout: 2 cols each of 50 lines (3 cols of 50 for 447r.a- 479v.b)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Remigius Altissiodorensis INTERPRETATIONES NOMINUM HEBRAICORUM Printed among the Opera Omnia of Beda, 3 vols, Cologne 1612, Vol.III, cols 371-481.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xiii 2

Orig place:


Provenance: inside back cover 16c. monogram ÔA.H.Õ, repeated Av. and Ar. with the motto CUI VULT DEUS DAT; 24v. and 48v. by 17c. hand are notes referring the reader forward and backward for the correct sequence of the quires; 173r. has an erasure; 296v. "Md that I christofor Wallys of tottones in the"; by a 17c. hand "This is John Peter (?) this boke" occurs on 175r. (almost erased), 221r., 275r., 279v., 352r., 389v.; on 216v. in a 17c. hand is the name "Sainthill", also found in the notes written inside front cover "Mem. that in St Peters Church on Wednesday 30th April 1673 I mett Mr P . . . Tho. Hithergale who told me that this Manuscript was . . . Latine translation approved by the Counsell of Trent for the . . . in those times and was given by his father in law Mr Frim (?) being . . . unto my Father Mr Walther Sainthill deceased now also. It was written hee said in Glassenbury Abbey - per me E. S. scribitur Hoc", followed by "I doubt not a good Bible this yet Perhaps so though approved by that Counsell of Trent For this at least . . . is the same sometimes in All . . . est Deus ad intro . . . E.S. 14 June 1680 st. 4o" ; 1r. carries the stamp of a C surmounted by a coronet. William Clifford of Boscombe - Wiltshire, England; the Clifford family of Chudleigh - Ugbrook House, Devon

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 5



Support: vellum, fly leaf i old paper


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