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Name: Statuta

Repository: Mitchell Library, Special Collections

Settlement: Sydney

Associated Manuscript Items:

Library ref: Richardson 14

Acquisition: 2r. ÔDon Richardson 1928Õ, date of the bequest

Binding: old binding of sheepskin over oak boards. No spine. One leather strap lacking its clip.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (8)1-5 (6)6 (8)7 (10)8 (8)9 (2)10 (8)11-22 (10)23 (8)24 (10)25 (9)26. Fol.207v. is blank. Moreover quire 6 lacks its third (fol.43) and its sixth (fol.46) sheets which are bound in quire 8 and there foliated 43 (correct) and 54 (incorrect)


Condition: Edges untrimmed The sheets of quires 25 and 26 are cockled. Water stains on the last five gatherings often efface the text.

Deco desc: red underlining; a few large blue initials, with red penwork.

Dimensions: 94 x 63 mm

Extent: 207 folios (only 73-4 are paper)

Foliation: foliation 15c. in arabic numerals incorrect, missing a sheet between 51 and 52, omitting 73-4 and numbering 60-207 as 51-199

Hand desc: four English hands (i) 1r.-1v., 15c, littera cursive formata; (ii) 2r.-72v., 75r.-406v., first half 14c. cursive court hand; (iii) 73r.-74v., 15c. hand; (iv) 107r.-207r., first half 14c. cursive court hand. Later hands have put running titles on most of the folios.


Layout: (i) 1r.-1v., 23 lines to col., (ii) 2r.-72v., 75r.-406v., 19 or 20 lines to col., (iii) 73r.-74v., 17 lines to col., 15c. hand; (iv) 107r.-207r., 20 lines to col.,

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Report of the Trustees of the Public Library of South Wales for year 1928, Sydney 1929, p.2.

Music notation:


Orig date: s xiv1 , s. xv

Orig place:


Provenance: loose leaf of contents signed ÔNelson M. Richardson 1904, Montevideo, near WeymouthÕ;

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 56


Signatures: quire signatures from 107 to the end

Support: vellum, paper (fols 73-4)


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