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Name: Horae

Repository: Mitchell Library

Settlement: Sydney

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Library ref: 1/7f

Acquisition: acquired by the library in 1918

Binding: late 15c. or early 16c. carved ivory covers (163 x 115mm.), spine parchment without lettering


Collation: (2)1 (3)2 (8)3-13 (6)14 (8)15-17 (6)18 (8)19-23 (10)24 (8)25 (4)26 (8)27-28 (5)29 (8)30. Fol. 1r.Ñ2v., 211r.Ñ211v., 213r.Ñ220v. are blank


Condition: Edges trimmed, needle-holes in 210 and 211 and imprints of coins which may have once been sewn between the sheets. Rust marks on 1Ñ5, 217Ñ20.

Deco desc: French in style: black and red entries in the Calendar; red rubrics and underlining; caps alternately red and blue; large initials blue and red, with penwork on 58r., 72v., 77r., 79v., 82v., 85r., 90v., 151r.; illuminated initials with full border leaf sprays and vertical bars in gold, blue, vermilion, green, mauve, with white tracery on 30r., 130r., 159r.

Dimensions: 162 x 115 mm

Extent: 220 folios


Hand desc: Two French hands of second half 15c. (i) 6r.Ñ199v. in a littera gothica textualis formata (ii) 3r.Ñ4v., 200r.Ñ209r. in a littera gothica textualis. Later hands have copied additional matter on sheets that were formerly blank


Layout: one col. of 16 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Catalogue of J. T. HackettÕs Art Collection sold by auction by J. R. Lawson, Sydney 1918, pp. 48-9; Report of the Trustees of the Public Library of New South Wales for the year 1918, Sydney 1919, p.2; Exhibition, p.25, no.54.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv2

Orig place:


Provenance: a late l5c. or early 16c. hand has transcribed additional devotions as follows: 5r. Concede quesumus omnipotens ut quoniam (?) sancte et indiuidue trinitatis annuntiationis conceptionis . . ., 5r. Auete omnes fideles anime dei uobis requiem ille qui est 5v. Auete omnes anime fideles quarum corpora hic et ubique. . . (Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.153,173ff.), 5v. Domine ihesu christe salus et liberatio fidelium animarum. . . (Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.153ff., Vol.II, p.341), 209v. Memoria of Agnes, 210r. Peter the Martyr, 210r. Agatha, 212r. Michael, 212r. Guardian Angel, 212Õv. Rochus; 1r. has the name of an Arras owner ÔEx libris Antonii Vignon Atrebatis 1575Õ; the volume is traditionally but to date without proof Ñ held to have been owned by the Conventionnel regicide Joseph FouchŽ (1759-4820); 1r. also has ÔEx libris Lucien Anatolii Foucher MdccclxxxxiÕ and in a modern hand Ô209 feuillets manuscritsÕ; subsequently the MS. was owned by M. MŽtairie of Champlemy (Nievre), then sold on his death in 1912 by Messrs Rosenwald and Rein, 64 rue des Archives, Paris to J. T. Hackett; it became no. 493 in the latterÕs collection

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 52



Support: vellum


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