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Name: Horae (Use of Rome)

Repository: Mitchell Library

Settlement: Sydney

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Horae (Use of Rome)

Library ref: 1/7c

Acquisition: acquired by the library in 1918

Binding: l9c. calf, covers bear floral centre design and outer border in blind and gilt. Spine has gilt lettering OFFICE / DE / LA VIERGE

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (2)1 (6)2 (1)3 (8)4 (2)5 (8)6-8 (7)9-10 (4)11-12 (3)13 (8)14-17 (6)18 (4)19 (2)20 (3)21. Quire 9 lacks its seventh sheet, quire 10 wants its fourth, quire 13 lacks its first three folios


Condition: Edges cut and gilded

Deco desc: French in style: black and red entries in the Calendar; red rubrics; caps, initials and fillÑins alternately gold and red, gold and blue. Nearly every side has a marginal panel (125 x 20mm.) of flowers and leaf sprays in white, gold, green, red, blue. In the lower margins of the Calendar (3r.Ñ8v.) are the labours of the month and the zodiacal signs, the latter with royal blue grounds. Motto, shields and initial of owner in the margins (see below). Twenty-six large miniatures (80 x 75 mm.) with a wide range of hues, light grey skies, cloud effects, distant landscapes with mounds and shrubs, romanesque architecture in the scenes on 47v., 66r., Gothic walls on 3 and church spire on 62r., Renaissance coffered ceiling on 12v., 20r., coloured marble on 64r. Three of the pictures contain a second tableau in sepia monochrome (hr., 12-v., 14r.). The miniatures depict John the Evangelist (lOr.), Luke and Annunciation (hr.), Matthew and Magi (12v.), Mark and Ascension (14r.), Virgin and Child (15r., 18r.), Annunciation (20r.), Visitation (31v.), Nativity (38Õv.), Shepherds (41v.), Magi (44v Presentation (47v.), Betrayal (62r.), Christ before Caiaphas (63r.), Crowning with thorns (64r.), Via Dolorosa (65r.), Pentecost (66r.), David and Goliath (69r.), Three Living and Three Dead (79r.), Sebastian (107r.) John Baptist (108r.), John the Evangelist (108v.), Catherine (109v.), Lawrence (1110v.), Barbara (111r.), Pietˆ (111-v.).

Dimensions: 170 x 90 mm

Extent: vi + 115


Hand desc: French lettre bourguignonne


Layout: one col. of 29 lines (Calendar 33)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Catalogue of J. T. HackettÕs Art Collection sold by auction by J. R. Lawson, Sydney 1918, pp.47-8; Report of the Trustees of the Public Library of New South Wales for the year 1918, Sydney 1919, p. 2; D. J. Finn SJ, ÔA Horae of XV Century and Mystery PlaysÕ, Our Alma Mater (Riverview), 1926, pp. 21-6; Exhibition, pp.25Ñ6, no.56, pl.XI.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv2

Orig place:


Provenance: large initial A on 69r., etc., motto JE QUIERS MON MIEULX or shield party per pale, sinister coat azure, three sixÑpointed stars and dexter coat azure, a chief indented or, one bend sinister sable in the borders of 10r., 20r., 69r., 79r., 111v.; 1r. in l6c. hand are the words ÔOfficium Beate Marie VirginisÕ and an engraving of Hieronymus in the desert and the words ÔSana me domineÕ in a scroll; a 16c. hand has filled 113v.-115r. with the following: 113v. Oratio quinque martirum. Dyonisi radius grecie fide regnum illustrans francye. . . (Chevalier, no.4707); 114r. Oratio quinque uirginum, Katherina tirannos superans doctos docens et rotas lacerans . . . (Chevalier, no.2691); 115r. SÕensuivent les trois veritŽs. . . la premiere. Vray dieu je cognoys queje peche ainsi et ainsi contre votre bontŽ. . . (not in Sonet); pasted to 115v. is the note ÔFait vers/en 1433 [ to 1533] donnŽ a Mr LÕabbŽ Desmazures en 1821 par Mr le docteur Alibert[N58] premier medecin ordinaire du roiÕ; B-v. has in modern pencil ÔFrom the Hackett Collection p.47 said to be French work of the Fouquet School [ the last quarter of the 15th CenturyÕ; the volume was purchased by James Thompson Hackett before 1918 (no.492 in his collection),

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 51



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-ii, v-vi modern paper


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