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Name: Horae (Use of Rome)

Repository: Mitchell Library

Settlement: Sydney

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Horae (Use of Rome)

Library ref: 1/7e

Acquisition: D. S. Mitchell bequeathed the MS in 1907

Binding: l6c. red velvet over boards, spine repaired, two silver clasps with a manÕs head profile in a medallion.


Collation: (6)1-2 (8)3-9 (6)10 (8)11-13 (4)14. Ar. is black and gold paper, Bv., Cr.ÑCv. are blank, Dv. black and gold paper.


Condition: Edges cut and gilded

Deco desc: French: red, blue, gold entries in the Calendar; red rubrics; fihL. red, blue, gold, with white tracery; initials white, green, gold, red, blue. Short marginal panels of acanthus sprays, flowers, leaves in gold, blue, red, green on 14r., 14v., 15v., 88v., 92r.Ñ100v. Similar colouring is found in the full borders of fleurs-de-lis lozenges (13r.), of plain lozenges (16r., 26v., 33r.), of hearts (36r.), of large leaf on stem (38r.), of squares (40r.), of scroll around trunks (43r., 48r.), of crosses (53r.), of radiating bars (56r.), and of floral elements (59r., 70r.). Small pictures (40 x 4 of Virgin and Child (88v.), Trinity (93v.), God the Father (94r.), God the Son (94v.); God the Holy Ghost at Pentecost (95r.), Michael (95v.), John Baptist (95v.), John the Evangelist (96r.), Peter and Paul (96v.), Stephen (97r.), Lawrence (97r.), Sebastian (97v.), Nicholas (98v.), Anthony (98v.), Catherine (99r.), Margaret (99v.), Barbara (100r.), Mary Magdalene (100v.). Thirteen large miniatures (110 x 80 or 100 x 85mm.) in a wide range of colours and with gold lavishly employed, depicting, within full Renaissance frames, the four Evangelists in four compartments (13r.), Annunciation (16r.), Visitation (26v.), Nativity (33r.), Shepherds (36r.), Magi (38r.), Presentation (40r.), Innocents (43r.), Coronation of Virgin (48r.), Mary and John at the foot of the Cross (53r.), Pentecost (56r.), David playing harp (59r.), Death stabs young lovers (70r.).

Dimensions: 213 x 150 mm

Extent: iv + 102

Foliation: modern foliation in pencil with arabic numerals beginning 13r.

Hand desc: Two French hands c.1500 (i) 1r.Ñ100v. a littera fere humanistica (ii) 101r.Ñ102v. a lettre bourguignonne


Layout: one col. of 26 lines (Calendar 17)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Exhibition, p. no.57, pl.XII. Report of the Trustees of the Public Library of New South Wales for the year 1907, Sydney 1908, p.3; Report. . .for the year 1908, Sydney 1909, p.3.

Music notation:


Orig date: c. 1500 or s. xvi1

Orig place:


Provenance: on Br. in a 19c. hand is ÔNo.2Õ; Av. has in modem pencil Ôno. 13. Splendide Bijou, mode de Charles VIII. 82 miniatures, riche ornementa.. tionÕ and Ô13 large, 18 smaller miniatures. [pound sign]68.0.0Õ; Dr. in modern pencil Ô164Õ, Ôas/n and Ôleo/safÕ; inside front cover armorial book-plate of David Scott Mitchell

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 46



Support: vellum


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