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Name: Horae (Use of Rome)

Repository: Mitchell Library

Settlement: Sydney

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Horae (Use of Rome)

Library ref: 1/7d

Acquisition: D. S. Mitchell bequeathed the MS in 1907

Binding: 19c. red morocco over boards, covers bear three fillets with a quatrefoil flower in each corner, all gilt. Spine has gilt acorn and fronds in each compartment, and the gilt lettering HEURES

Catchwords: A few catchwords remain

Collation: (6)12 (8)3-6 (6)7 (8)8-20 (4)21. Ar. marbled, Av.ÑBv., Cv., 20r., Dr.ÑFr. are blank, Fv, marbled


Condition: Edges cut and gilded Upper right-hand corners of 1Ñ39 have been gnawed by rodents

Deco desc: French style: black and red entries in the Calendar; red rubrics; initials (30 x 30mm.) in gold, blue, red with white tracery. Nearly all the outer margins have illuminated panels (105 x 35mm.) of flowers, fruit, acanthus leaves, birds, insects, grotesques, coloured green, gold, blue, red, white, mauve, yellow. Fourteen large miniatures (95 x 70mm.) with the same hues and with Renaissance architectural frames, depicting 13r. John the Evangelist, 21r. Annunciation, 33r. Visitation, 46r. Nativity, 49r. Shepherds with an angel holding a scroll bearing the words ÔGloria in excelsis deoÕ, 53v. Magi, 57v. Presentation, 61v. Flight, 69v. Coronation of Virgin, 75r. Crucifixion, 79r. Pentecost, 83 David and Goliath, 101r. Job, 149r. Pietˆ.

Dimensions: 225 x 140 mm

Extent: vi + 158


Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 16 lines (Calendar and Sequences 17)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Report of the Trustees of the Public Library of New South Wales for the year 1907, Sydney 1908, p.3; Report. . .for the year 1908, Sydney 1909, p.3.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv2

Orig place:

Origin: The provenance is probably the Dijon area.

Provenance: 20v. in 16c. hand is a memoria of Anne; 1r. has in a 1 hand the signature ÔLoyse de LangeÕ and the name Ôde VilarsÕ added a little later; Cr. by 18c. hand ÔHeures Antiques ecrites a la mainÕ and the no. Ô224Õ in ink; owned by David Scott Mitchell

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 45



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-ii, v-vi modern paper


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