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Name: II Psalterium et Horae

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

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II Psalterium et Horae

Library ref: *096/R66, stock no.434116

Acquisition: acquired from W. H. Robinson with the assistance of the Felton Bequest 1.2.1936

Binding: 16c. calf over boards, gilt-tooled in Lyonese style, re-backed without lettering. The volume is enclosed in a case, also calf, by Gruel


Collation: (6)3 (4)4 (8)5-15 (7)16 (8)17-25 (4)26 (8)27-29 (2)30 (starting at third quire for the whole volume), folios 16r., 17r., 18r. are blank


Condition: Edges trimmed and gilded. The four manuscripts have been bound together since the 16c

Deco desc: style of Liege: black and red entries in Calendar; rubrics red, and occasionally blue; caps alternately red and blue; illuminated initials throughout in gold, red, blue with marginal extensions. Twenty-three historiated initials depict David playing harp (20r.), David before God (35r.), Innocents (53v.), Creation (54r.), Jonah (63v.), David playing bells (75v.) two monks singing before a lectern (86r.), David in prayer (87v.), Trinity (98r.), Doubting Thomas (121v.), Virgin and Child (131r.), Betrayal (140v.), Christ blindfolded (145v.), Flagellation (151r.), Christ bearing Cross (153v.), Crucifixion (155v.), Deposition (158r.), Three Marys (161r.), Judgement (163v.), Annunciation (183r.) Presentation (191r.), Annunciation (200v.), Coronation of the Virgin (207v.). A boy with hoop and ball figure in the margin of 20r. In the Calendar each month is provided with two lozenge-shaped miniatures in gold, blue, red, with a red, or blue roundel at the corners showing the labour of the month and the appropriate zodiacal sign. Three full-page miniatures in two compartments portraying Annunciation and Nativity (17v.), Magi and Presentation (18v.), Ascension and Pentecost (19v.). The colouring is gold, red, blue, white. The pictures are set in panels with six quatrefoil frames containing heads of saints. Blank shield at the bottom of 216v.

Dimensions: 170 x 122 mm

Extent: 10-216; 207 folios; part of a four MS codex

Foliation: 10-52 in 14c. arabic numerals and 18-215 in contemporary roman numerals; codex foliated in modern arabic 1-269, omitting a folio between 58 and 59

Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis


Layout: one col. of 24 lines (Calendar 33)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: J. W. Doyle SJ, ÔAue porta paradisiÕ, Australasian Catholic Record, Vol.XVII (1940), pp.232-40, 321-32 the text of this edition being subsequently translated into English and published by Martin Haley, Ave Porta Paradisi (Hail Gate of Paradise) 150 Marian Stanzas from a 13th Century Latin Manuscript in the possession of the Melbourne Public Library, Burragong, N.S.W. 1950; K. V. Sinclair, ÔUn Psautier de Lambert le Bgue ˆ MelbourneÕ, Australian Journal of French Studies, Vol.1(1964), pp.5-10, and ÔLes Manuscrits du Psautier de Lambert le Bgue, Romania, Vol.LXXXVI (1965), pp.24-5; Exhibition, p.23, no.50 and frontispiece.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xiiiex

Orig place:


Provenance: Br.-Bv. 15c. French hand is an account by Simon le Gloux of the capture of Hugues Henry in 1443 and of his death in 1444, and of the death of his wife Marguerite de Loyesme, in 1482 ; inside front cover in 16c. hands ÔRemond. ex legato domini Ioannis Remondi. Lambert . . . ex legato domini nicolai lambert patris mei . . . maire et baillyÕ ; Bv.-Cv. carry notes in French about members of the BŽgat family in the years 1537-48; the MS. was purchased at SothebyÕs London on 31 July 1934 by Gabriel Wells, then later by W. H. Robinson; it was acquired from them in 1936 by the State Library with the assistance of the Felton Bequest see Ar. ÔPresented to the Public Library of Victoria by Felton Bequest 1.2.1936Õ; inside back cover ÔDon Felton Bequest [pound sign]390. 1.2.36Õ and shelf-mark *096/R66; inside front cover is the libraryÕs stock no.434116.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 216 II



Support: vellum


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