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Name: Horae (use of Rome)

Repository: Saint Patrick's College

Settlement: Manly, Sydney

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Horae (use of Rome)

Library ref: MS.6

Acquisition: Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran donated the MS to the Library of St. PatrickÕs College, Manly. Sydney. 10th Feb. 1890.

Binding: 16c. (?) black calf over boards; covers bear stamped panels with a centre design; spine gilt with gilt lettering UFFICIUM / B.M. VIRGINIS and at the bottom, . . . PIUM 1570 are the only letters remaining of the name of the binder or of the place of binding. The Ô5Õ of 1570 is not certain.


Collation: (6)1 (8)2-15 (4)16. Ar. marbled, Av., Gv., Hr. are blank, Hv., marbled.


Condition: Edges trimmed, gilded, and goffered

Deco desc: northern French style (Flanders): brown and red entries in the Calendar; red rubrics; caps in red, or blue, or red, blue, and gold with white tracery and marginal leaf sprays; panel borders with leaves and flowers in gold, blue, green, and red on four sides of each folio bearing a large miniature, or on three sides of each one with a smaller picture. The large miniatures (95 x 70mm.) are twenty in number and depict John the Evangelist (7r.), Luke (8v.), Matthew (lOr.), Mark (liv.), Crucifixion (12v.), Pentecost (l7r.), Virgin and Child (20y., 24v.), Pietˆ (27r.), Annunciation (37r.), Visitation (49v.), Nativrt,y (56v.), Shepherds (59v.), Magi (62v.), Presentation (65v.), Innocents (68v.), Flight (73v.), Coronation of Virgin (77r.),Judgement Day (82v.), Funeral Service(95v.) . There are sixteen small miniatures (50 x 45mm.) depicting John Baptist (29r.), Peter (29v.), Paul (30r.), John the Evangelist (30v.), Andrew (31r.), James (3iv.), Stephen (32r.), Lawrence (32v.), Vincent (33r.), Cornelius and Cyprianus (33v.), Martin (34r.), Nicholas (34v.), Christopher (35r.), Victor (35v.), Gregory (36r.), Barbara (36v.). The colouring in all the pictures is identical: vermilion, blue, gold, green, white, grey, yellow, sepia, while black ink is employed occasionally for outlines. The illumination is French in style.

Dimensions: viii + 122



Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 20 lines (Calendar 34)

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Orig date: s. xv2

Orig place:


Provenance: Fv. in contemporary 15c. hand are the four lines ÔAngelus gabriel qui fuit cum maria / Et angelus raphael qui fuit cum thobia / Et angelus michael cum tota Iherarchia / Sit semper nobiscum In Ista uia. Amen.Õ CrÑDy in another l5c. hand are two prayers introduced by explanatory rubrics (i) Domine iesu christe qui in hunc mundum uenisti propter nos pecca de sinu patris aduenisti.,. (includes the words me peccatricem et culpabi[lem] et indignam et negligentem et obnoxiam, suggesting that the prayer was written by or for a woman) (ii) Domine iesu christe qui hanc sacratissimam camem tuam . . . (Wilmart, p.378n., Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.36,40ff.). Both 4v. and 5r. carry a 16c. brown ink drawing of a manÕs head. On 122r.Ñ122v. and Er.ÑFr. are Latin prayers by a late l5c. or early 16c. Italian hand and introduced by a long rubric in Italian (i) Precor te piissime domine iesu christe . . . (Wilmart, p.378n., Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.111,128ff.); (ii) Deus qui manus tuas et pedes tuos . . . (Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.34ff.); (iii) Iesu nazarene respice tribulationes meas . . . (iv) Aue sanctissima maria mater dei regina celi . . . (v) Oro te o sancte dei honufri ut tuis interuentionibus . . . (vi) [Bernardus Clarevallensis, Septem Versus.] Illumina oculos meos (Chevalier, no.27912, Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.32,71ff.); (vii) Ominpotens sempiterne deus qui ezechie regi. . . (Leroquais,Vol.I, pp.32,45ff.); (viii)[Orationes beati Gregorii.] [O domine iesu christe adoro te. . . (Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.103ff.; Vol.II, p.346). Gr. in 16c. or 17c. hand ÔUffizio della Sta Croce Ñ Evangeli e preghiere a molti santi Ñ missa et uffizio della Beata vergineÕ, followed by a later note in French ÔNo.75. 20 grandes miniatures 16 petitesÕ. Ar. in black ink 18c. ÔNo.6Õ. An erasure has been made at the bottom of 1r. On Bv. in black ink of 19c. (?) is ÔA 4861/39 (?) MS.Õ An autograph inscription is on Br. as follows: ÔThis beautiful vellum MS. of the 14th century was presented to me by Mr Henry Austin in Jan. 1890, and is now given by me to the Library of St. PatrickÕs College, Manly. Sydney. 10th Feb. 1890. [cross]Patrick Francis Cardinal Moran.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 27



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-ii vii-viii 16 c paper,


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