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Name: Graduale? (fragment)

Repository: Collection of A. L. Nicholson, MB, BS, DPM, MANZCP

Settlement: Ballarat, Vic

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Graduale? (fragment)

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Acquisition: Acquired in 1961 from The Folio Society





Condition: one historiated initial pasted on to cardboard and mounted

Deco desc: Letter R (178 x 153mm.) depicting the Resurrection. On high, against a background of gold with purple and grey cloud effects, is the risen Saviour, seen in his entirety. He wears a white loin-cloth; his wounds are clearly visible. A red robe is behind him. His right hand is raised in blessing, while the left holds a staff from the top of which floats a banner blazoned with a red crucifix. Beneath the figure of Christ is the tomb. In the left foreground are two Roman guards, while a third, clutching a sword, runs off to the right. They have helmets, tunics, shields and scabbards. The initial itself is purple with blue and gold adornment, the curve of the letter is capped with leaves in green, while other leaf flourishes to the letter are orange. The initial is on a gold ground. In The Folio Society sale catalogue (see Bibliography below) the miniature is said to be in the Lombard style of c.1550.

Dimensions: 178 x 153 mm

Extent: one historiated initial


Hand desc:



Library ref alt:

List bibl: The Folio Society. CollectorsÕ Corner. Catalogue no. 3, London 1961, item no.10.

Music notation: On the verso can be seen black ink lettering, but no ruling is visible. There are four-line red staves carrying black square notation.


Orig date: s. xvimed

Orig place:


Provenance: The Folio Society states that the miniature had earlier belonged to C. W. Dyson Perrins DCL, FSA (1864-1958). [N11] Sinclair states: I find no reference to the miniature in G. F. Warner, Descriptive Catalogue of the Illuminated Manuscripts in the Library of C. W. Dyson Perrins, 2 vols, London 1920.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 257



Support: vellum


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