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Name: Horae (fragment)

Repository: Collection of A. L. Nicholson, MB, BS, DPM, MANZCP

Settlement: Ballarat, Vic

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Horae (fragment)

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Acquisition: Acquired in 1958 from Messrs Maggs Bros of London





Condition: one folio mounted a few millimetres have been lost through trimming

Deco desc: fill-ins in gold, blue, and red; on the recto side is a marginal panel of white and gold grounds. On the former are gold and blue whorls of acanthus leaves and on the latter, cornflowers or thistles. The other three sides of the text are bounded by three narrow bars coloured gold, red or blue, then gold. The same style of decoration is found on the verso side where it profusely adorns the text and a miniature (90 x 60mm.) depicting the Flight into Egypt, the work of a French artist of the late 15c. On the distant horizon, in the blue haze, appear the gothic spires of churches in a walled city dominated by a castle and keep. On a hill, a statue appears to be toppling from a golden pedestal. The initial D under the miniature is blue on a gold ground and carries red and blue leaf-sprays.

Dimensions: 174 x 122 mm

Extent: one folio


Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 15 lines

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Orig date: s. xvex

Orig place:



Record hist source: Sinclair no. 251



Support: vellum


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