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Name: Statuta - Britton - Registrum Brevium - Radulphus de Hengham Summa Parva - Fet Asaver

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Fet Asaver
Summa Parva
Registrum Brevium

Library ref: *091/G79, stock no.587591

Acquisition: Presented by Mr Geoffrey Cohen in 1949

Binding: 19c. russia, covers with gilt outer panel of vine plants and a blind-stamped inner panel of sprays and florets. Spine carries florets in gilt and blind and gilt lettering STATUTA/ANTIQUA/ANGLICA/ MS. as well as a sticker with the printed no."109"

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (6)1 (8)2-13 (7)14 (8)15-18 (9)19 (8)20-21 Ar. marbled, Bv., Cr., Dr. blank, Dv. marbled


Condition: Edges trimmed at the top

Deco desc: Rubrics in brown ink; paragraph marks, section marks and roman numerals alternately red and blue; illuminated initials in red, blue, gold, with white tracery and some marginal leaf sprays

Dimensions: 270 x 175 mm

Extent: iv + 166

Foliation: Foliation contemporary in roman numerals i-lxxix on 31r.-109r. and i-xli on 110r.-150r., modern foliation in arabic numerals 1-166

Hand desc: scribe (i) 31r.a - 27 v b, 31 r a -109r.a early 14c. English ceremonious court hand with the words "Assit principio sancta maria meo" on 1r. and 31r. and "Aue Maria" on 31r. Scribe (ii) 27v.a - 30v.b, 110 r. a - 166 r. a early 14c. English cursive court hand


Layout: two cols each of 47 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: K. V. Sinclair, 'Phillipps Manuscripts in Australia', The Book Collector, Vol.XI (1962), p.332, and 'Anglo-Norman Studies: the last twenty years', Australian Journal of French Studies, Vol.II (1965), pp. 250-1.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xiv in

Orig place:


Provenance: 109v. in a 15c. hand: Rex uicecomiti Essex. salutem. Supplicauit nobis Willelmus de Bukworth uicarius Ecclesie de Branketre ut cum ipse de uita sua ac mutulatione (sic) membrorum suorum per Iohannem yeuan de Claro capellanum et Iohannem May capellanum grauiter et math feste . . .; 166r. b in a 14c. or 15c. official hand: . . . super nouum statutum de iuratoribus [41 Ed.III.] - in the margin is "Lancastr." - Si Willelmus Carles chr. fecerit te securitatem etc. tunc pones per uadium etc. Otonem de Halsale et alios quia sint etc. in quindena Sancti Hillarii apud Westmonasterium ad respondendum tam nobis quam prefato Willelmo Carles quar. cum in parliamento nostro apud Westmonasterium ultimo tento . . ." (reference to process in quodam articulo de Juratoribus in 38 Edward III and to case lately held at the Lancashire assize before William de Skipwyth and other unnamed justices between William Carles and his wife on the one hand and Henry T . . . and others on the other . . .) ; still on the same folio there are ten rather battered lines beginning Ibant tres boni fratres ad montem oliueti . . . in a different hand of the same period; below this in yet another contemporary hand "Obiit Iohannes de Bre . . ." and an incomplete date ". . . CCCXXX . . ." ; then in a different 15c. hand De attornato faciendo ad sectam faciendum. Littera. Pateat uniuersis etc. quod ego I. de D. attornatus et loco meo . . . ; another contemporary hand has doodled: Pateat uniuersis per presentes quod Ego I. de D. -- ; Av. carries the stencilled lion rampant and legend "Sir T.P. / Middle Hill" and in ink "no.109"; Br. has the signature "Thos. Phillipps" who acquired the codex from Thomas Thorpe; inside front cover and on Cv. is the note "Presented to the Public Library of Victoria by Mr Geoffrey Cohen 13.4.1949"; Av. has the Library's stock no.587591 while on Cv. is the shelf-mark *091/G79.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 222


Signatures: quire signatures present

Support: vellum, paper


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