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Name: Scriptores Historiae Augustae - Eutropius Historia Romana (translation by Paulus Diaconus) - Paulus Diaconus Historia Romana

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Historia Romana
Scriptores Historiae Augustae
Historia Romana

Library ref: *f096.1/Au4 , stock no. '507905'

Acquisition: Acquired in 1947 from W. H. Robinson: at the foot of the spine; inside back cover in modern pencil "W. H. Robinson 5.2.1947"

Binding: Contemporary red morocco over wooden boards with bevelled edges. Covers have holes for clasps, two for the outer edges and one for each top and bottom edge. Five panels each with a different pattern, forming a rectangle with trellis-work, all in blind. Top of the spine has been repaired with red brocade.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (10)1-21 (6)22 Fols 213v.,216r-216v.,Bv. are blank


Condition: Worm-holes in fols 208-16 without loss of text.

Deco desc: Florentine: red rubrics; small gold caps on blue, red, and green; seventy-nine historiated initials (50 x 50 to 35 x 35 mm.) in gold, red, purple, blue, green with sprays and spangles and occasionally short vertical panels between initials on the same folio; they all contain portraits of emperors and empresses seen half or three-quarters facing, or in profile; those on 10v. and 88r. are painted to represent coins. Fol. 1r. has a three-sided border of green trunks with a white scroll bearing a motto (see below), fourteen amorini with blue wings, an angel in purple behind a gem-stone cluster, a laurel wreath surrounding a shield and two smaller shields in the lower margin, flower sprays and gold spangles in profusion.

Dimensions: 378 x 250 mm

Extent: ii + 216


Hand desc: Italian littera humanistica textualis


Layout: one col. of 36 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: P. Durrieu in Bibliothèque de l'Ecole des Chartes, Vol.L (1889), p.381; Sotheby and Co., Bibliotheca Phillippica. Catalogue of a further portion of...the late Sir Thomas Phillipps, day of sale 1st July 1946, London 1946, p.21 pl. xxxiv; B. L. Ullman, The origin and development of humanistic script, Rome 1960, pp. 122-3; K. V. Sinclair, 'Phillipps Manuscripts in Australia', The Book Collector, Vol.XI (1962), p. 334; and 'Some late manuscripts of the works of Classical authors', Phoenix, Vol.XVI (1962), p. 280; Exhibition, p. 10 no. 5, pl.II.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv 2

Orig place:


Provenance: 1r. has the Medici motto LE TANS REVIENT, a large shield or, six palle gules and one azure charged with three fleurs-de-lis or; the small shields are or, eight pallegules and one azure; Ar. in the 16c. hand which provided the index is "Sex Scriptores Historiae Augustac Iis accedunt Eutropius et Paulus diaconus"; inside front cover also by a 16c. hand is "269", then two blobs of red sealing wax each with the impression (some details indistinct) of a shield with mantle and surmounted by a coronet and blazoned quarterly 1 and 4 with six palle, 2 and 3 per pale a plain cross and a two-headed splayed eagle, over all a shield per pale, the sinister also per pale, the dexter indistinct, surmounted by a papal tiara and ombrellino; inside front cover in l9c. pencil: "The paintings are supposed to be done by Julio Clovio, Sale 1671, Sotheby July 18, 1825, Payne Feb. 1826. 566", and "The arms at the bottom of the 1st Page of the Volume are I believe those of the Medici family. P."; Ar. by the same hand "Thos Philhipps / Middle Hill / 1828" followed by his stencilled lion rampant with legend "Sir T.P. / Middle Hill / 2163 a 2.902"; then there is his printed no."2163" at the foot of the spine.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 219


Signatures: quire signatures present (many trimmed off)

Support: vellum


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