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Name: Biblia Vulgata (Epistolae Paulinae) - Walafridus Strabus Fuldensis OSB Glossa Ordinaria

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Glossa Ordinaria
Biblia Vulgata (Epistolae Paulinae)

Library ref: *f096/B47E


Binding: 18c. boards, sheepskin back, spine carries gilt lettering XXIV / EPI. CAN[macron]O / CUM GLOS / INTERL / MS. and the Library's shelf-mark


Collation: (8)1-11 (7)12 (8)13-19 Quire 12 lacks its seventh sheet. Av.-Bv., Cr.-Dr. are blank.


Condition: Edges trimmed. Some edges irregular, worm-holes throughout, no loss of text. Fol.151 has been mutilated to the point of almost total loss of text

Deco desc: Red rubrics; caps alternately red and blue; coloured initials (from 45 x 45 to 25 x 25mm.) in blue, red, yellow, green on 24v., 75v., 85v., 100v., 106r., 114v., 126r., 129r. The one on 85v. contains a portrait of Paul.

Dimensions: 320 x 205 mm

Extent: iv + 151


Hand desc: Italian littera gothica textualis


Layout: Three cols, only the centre one ruled, 17 lines. The cols are gloss--text--gloss principally

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Public Library, Museum and National Gallery of Victoria. Manuscripts and Books of Art acquired under the Terms of the Felton Bequest, Melbourne 1938, p.8.

Music notation:


Orig date: c. 1200 or s. xiii in

Orig place:


Provenance: 1r. by 16c. hand, brown ink '3.6.Glossa interlinearis epistolarum ad Romanos'; inside back cover in 18c. hand 'foglie N.151, Iniziali N.14, Segnato N.AP.'; inside front cover by 19c. pencil hand 'From the Imperial Russian Library, St Petersburg'; Ar. carries an extract from an English bookseller's catalogue, entry no.1; inside front cover 'Public Library, Museums and National Gallery of Victoria, Felton Bequest'; Br., 1r., 150v. have the stamp 'Public Library of Victoria'; Ar. has the library's stock no.'400206'; Dv. in modern pencil 'Felton B.T. 3.3.33£67.10.0'; Dv. bears the shelf-mark *f096/B47E.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 215


Signatures: It is possible that the signature (now lost) mentioned by an 18c. owner was that of the scribe.

Support: vellum, paper - 18c. paper, the water-mark being a shield with three patriarchal crosses surmounted by a crown and flanked by the initials C.B.


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