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Name: Vigiliae Mortuorum

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Vigiliae Mortuorum

Library ref: *096/R66HM

Acquisition: acquired in 1933 from W. H. Robinson

Binding: 19c. dark brown velvet over boards, spine lost.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (6)1-2 (8)3 (9)4 (6)5 (8)6-12 (5)13. Ar.-Cr., Dr., Fr.-Fv., 43v., Gv.-Lv. blank.


Condition: Edges cut and gilded

Deco desc: French style: gold, red, blue entries in the Calendar; red, or blue rubrics; caps and fill-ins in gold, blue, red. Each side has a panel border of floral and leaf sprays in red, blue, green, gold, pink, yellow. Three large initials in gold, blue, red, with vertical gold bars to the frame of a miniature. Three miniatures (the first two 85 x 60, the third 90 x 60mm.) depicting John the Evangelist on a chequer-board and lozenge ground (13r.), David in prayer on a similar ground (22r.), Burial Service under starry blue sky (44r.). The name of the artist IAQUE V. is in a fill-in on 89r.

Dimensions: 195 x 140 mm

Extent: vi + 96

Foliation: foliation modern pencil in arabic numerals (includes six of the fly-leaves and the two interleaved sheets)

Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 14 lines (Calendar 17)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: The Public Library of Victoria 1856-1956, Melbourne 1956, p. 97 (reproduces 22r.); K. V. Sinclair, 'Un manuscrit enluminé ayant appartenu à deux Bourguignons: Nicole Fonssard et Pierre Maréchal', Annales de Bourgogne, Vol.XXXIV (1962), pp.170-8; Anon., 'Les Obsèques d'un échevin ecclésiastique en 1581', ibid., Vol.XXXV (1963), Feuille de Liaison, no.63.

Music notation:

Note: "Book of hours (fragmentary)" - title in SLV catalogue

Orig date: s. xv

Orig place:

Origin: Besançon

Provenance: Origin based on names in the Litany; Dv. "Ces presentes appertiennent a Maistre Nicole Fonssaard chanoine de la Saincte Chapelle du Roy A Dijon"; Ev.-Fr. carry notes on members of the Montholon family of Dijon at the turn of the 17c.; Dv. "Depuis elles sont venue en la possession de Pierre Mareschal, sr de Frontenay, Conseiller du Roy et President en sa Chambre de Comptes en bourgongne en Octobre 1600"; Dv. in 19c. pencil "Purchased by me April 28. 1826 Abraham Lincolne, Highbury Place, Islington"; Ar. in 19c. ink hands "Illuminated Livres de prieres [Abraham Lincolne god-father to] Jane Hopkins, Tichmarsh, 1852", "Bequeathed at her death to her baby L.S.D. [Dec. 30. 1892]"; Cv. has the Library's stock no. 400703; inside front cover is the book-plate of the Felton Bequest through which the volume was acquired from W.H. Robinson 3 March 1933; Ir. in modern pencil "£225 (Engl.)"; Cr., Dr., Iv., carry the stamp PUBLIC LIBRARY OF VICTORIA

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 214



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-iii, ix-xii modern paper


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