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Name: Horae (Use of York)

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Horae (Use of York)

Library ref: *f096/R66Hb

Acquisition: acquired in 1933 from W. H. Robinson

Binding: Edges trimmed


Collation: (6)1-2 (8)3-4 (6)5 (8)6-8 (6)9 (8)10 Av. and Br. are blank


Condition: Water stains on 62-3, no loss of text

Deco desc: Flemish style: black and red entries in Calendar; red rubrics; caps red or gold with blue penwork and blue with red penwork; large caps in gold, red, blue, white. Large illuminated initials (50 x 40mm.) with marginal extensions and floral panels in the same colours and the addition of green. The leaves of the Calendar contain vignettes (46 x 37mm.) depicting the labours of the months (May has been excised). There is a blank shield in the lower margin of 13r.

Dimensions: 345 x 235 mm

Extent: ii + 72

Foliation: foliation modern pencil in arabic numerals in the upper right- and lower left-hand corners of the recto sides.

Hand desc: French lettre bourguignonne


Layout: two cols each of 26 lines. Calendar one col. of 26 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: S. de Ricci, Handlist of a collection of books and manuscripts belonging to the Rt. Hon. Lord Amherst of Hackney, Cambridge 1910, p.101; Public Library, Museum and National Gallery of Victoria. Manuscripts and Books of Art acquired under the Terms of the Felton Bequest, Melbourne 1938, pp.6,8; Art in Australia, December 1941, Sydney 1941, pp. 6, 49 (reproduce 2r., 31v.a); The Public Library of Victoria 1856Ñ1956, Melbourne 1956, p. 99 (reproduces 9r.); S. Jayne and F. R. Johnson, The Lumley Library, London 1956, p. 304 (described as in private ownership 'Horae Use of York (l5c.) MS.').

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv 2

Orig place:


Provenance: 1r. lower margin bears the signature 'Lumley' scribbled out; in the 19c. the MS. was owned by T. W. Bramston, according to de Ricci; Ar. has the note in modern pencil 'With the book-plate of Lord Amherst of Hackney,see De Ricci, Catalogue, Page 101' and the book-plate is pasted inside the front cover along with a label bearing 'Felton Bequest' through which the MS. was acquired in 1933 from W. H. Robinson, cf. inside back cover the pencil note 'Felton Bequest 1933. Wm. H. Robinson ERA/-/- *f096 / R66H71 c.1471'; a card, loose in the volume, reads 'Book of Hours (c.1471, Bruges). Apparently written in Colard Mansion's office for Edward IV or the Earl of Arundel. Mansion was later Caxton's printing partner on the Continent'; Bv. and spine have the shelf-mark *fo96/R66Hb; on Ar., Bv., 1r., 72v. is the stamp PUBLIC LIBRARY OF VICTORIA. Signature of John, Lord Lumley (1534?-1609) identical with the one that constitutes pl.II of S. Jayne and F. R. Johnson, The Lumley Library, Catalogue of 1609, London 1956. This MS. does not appear in the 1609 inventory.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 213



Support: vellum


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