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Name: Biblia Vulgata (Leviticus) - Walafridus Strabus Fuldensis OSB Glossa Ordinaria

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Glossa Ordinaria
Biblia Vulgata (Leviticus)

Library ref: *096/B47L

Acquisition: acquired in 1923; Fr. carries the Library's stamp bearing the date 3 April 1923

Binding: 19c. vellum over boards, two fillets in blind around the edge of the covers; spine has ink lettering XXVII / LEVITICUS / CUM GLOSSIS ET / COMMENTARIO, and the Library's shelf-mark.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (8)1-12 (5)13


Condition: Edges trimmed. The vellum is holed in places or of irregular size, but there is no loss of text. Worm-holes in fols 1-21 and 101.

Deco desc: paragraph marks and letters of the running titles are alternately red, and blue; caps alternately blue, with red penwork and red, with blue penwork

Dimensions: 310 x 225 mm

Extent: xi + 101


Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: three cols each of 42-4 lines employed as text--text--gloss, gloss--text--gloss, gloss--text--text

Library ref alt:

List bibl:

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xiv1

Orig place:


Provenance: 101v. by a 15c. hand much faded 'cha... aqua rosarum funiculi ui...'; 1r. in 16c. ink hand '190' and '156'; Gr. 19c. ink 'Commentaire sur le Lévitique par Raban, Archevêque de Mayence au 9e siècle. F.Axx' Gr. and 1r. carry the pencil no.14, and other initials of booksellers; 1r. again one finds in the margins 'Perf.101 Collated. Perfect 101 fol.P.11.0' and 'Comment. supra Lib. Levitici'; inside front cover in 19c. pencil 'Codex xxvii'; Ar. has '18' in modern pencil and an extract from an English bookseller's catalogue, entry no.181; Av. in modern pencil '546/471' and '11 .vii. Christie' and '444/se/p/D'; Br. in pencil '114z' and 'R.S.Ldn.IV.04. XIV Century French 546/471' in the hand of the owner Robert Carl Sticht whose ex-libris dated 1909 mentioning his wife's name, Marion Oak Sticht, is pasted inside the front cover, along with the label A. H. Spencer, 86 Bourke St., Melbourne; inside back cover an extract from Spencer's sale catalogue, entry no.43 and the pencil note '85 Ld'; Av. has 'Ex Libris of Public Library of Victoria'; Fr. carries the Library's stamp bearing the date 3 April 1923 and modern pencil no.16; inside back cover in modern pencil is 'Spencer 3.4.23. £14.14.0; Fv. has the stock no.'293567', Kr. the letters 'djk' in a rectangle, while on Jr. and Kv. is the shelf-mark *096/B47L.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 205


Signatures: quire signatures on the verso of the last folio of each gathering

Support: vellum, paper. The water-marks are 'Bath 1824' on C-F, H, I and 'J. Whatman Turkey Mill 1828' on B and J.


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