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Name: Augustinus Opera

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

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Library ref: *f091/Au 45

Acquisition: acquired in 1910; Er. and Ev. the stamp of the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF VICTORIA with the date '30 Dec. 1910'

Binding: 15c. sheepskin over oak boards. Covers carry two fillets forming a rectangle with two more fillets drawn diagonally, in blind. Spine has lettering AUGUSTINI . . . OPERA covered by labels. On the back cover are the remains of two leather straps and on the outer edges of the front cover are parts of two metal clasps.


Collation: (12)1-17. Ar.-Dv., 203r.b, 203v., 204r., Fr. are blank.


Condition: Edges trimmed

Deco desc: red rubrics and running titles; caps red, or alternately red, and blue. 1r. has a red initial with dark brown penwork

Dimensions: 288 X 210 mm

Extent: vi + 204


Hand desc: German littera hybrida


Layout: two cols each of 44 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: K. V. Sinclair, 'Phillipps Manuscripts in Australia', The Book Collector, Vol.XI (1962), p.333; and 'De nouveaux manuscrits augustiniens', Augustiniana, Vol.XIV (1964), pp.459-60.

Music notation:

Note: one of two items from the collection of Leander van Ess; item no 2 is Sinclair 202

Orig date: s. xv med

Orig place:


Provenance: 1r. stencilled lion rampant with legend 'Sir T. P. / Middle Hill / No.621': he purchased the codex in 1824 from Leander van Ess; the spine has two labels bearing printed nos '2784' and '10' ; inside front cover are '8/8/-', 'k/j/-', and 'Augustin £3-10-0' in pencil; Fv. has the note 'Dobell per E.' in pencil while Er. and Ev., has in ink 'M.445.10' and the stamp of the PUBLIC LIBRARY OF VICTORIA with the date '30 Dec. 1910'

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 203



Support: paper: water-marks are crown with latin cross cf. Briquet, Vol.II, no.4645 (Lyons 1459-69), ox-head with eyes, nostril and cross cf. ibid., Vol.IV, no. 15064 (Eberbach 1454-65), another type of ox-head cf. ibid., Vol.IV, no.15096 (Lyons 1455), a bunch of grapes cf. ibid., Vol.IV, no.13012 (Dusseldorf 1445-56 with variants in many places to 1484), a helmet cf. ibid., Vol.I, no. 2901 (Lorris 1450).


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