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Name: Hieronymus Explanationes in Isaiam

Repository: State Library of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Explanationes in Isaiam

Library ref: *f096/J483

Acquisition: Acquired in 1902, 1r. stamp of PUBLIC LIBRARY OF VICTORIA with date 1 April 1902 and stock no.'143179'.

Binding: contemporary binding of calf over wooden boards. Each cover once had five studs in quincunx. One brass clasp remains; brass strengtheners on outer corners of covers. Blind-tooling as follows: centre panel divided into lozenges by transversal fillets in fours, each lozenge with a rosette. Spine calf re-backed carries gilt lettering S. HIERONYMI / EPISTOLAE / MS / SOEC.XV. (sic) and gilt shelf-mark *f096/J483.

Catchwords: a few catchwords remain

Collation: (7)1 (8)2-8 (7)9 (8)10-12 (7)13 (8)14-15 (7)16 (8)17-32 (6)33. Quire 1 lacks the second sheet, quire 9, its seventh and quire 13, its fourth; Ar.-Bv., 258v., Cr.-Dv. are blank


Condition: Edges trimmed. Worm-holes in fols 1-2

Deco desc: Red rubrics; one historiated initial (47 x 43mm.) in plum, mauve, brown, blue, green depicting Hieronymus as a cardinal standing in an ambulatory with a lion at his feet (1r.a). Other initials in two styles. The first, illuminated (50 x 40 to 35 x 33mm.) in gold, blue, brown, red, green with acanthus sprays in the margins, occur on 11v.b, 24v.a, 38v.b, 49v.b, 111r.a, 126v.a, 137v.a, 151r.a, 207v.b and uncompleted ones of the series can be seen on 179r.b, 194v.a, 223r.a, 239va. Initials in the second style (50 x 40 and 45 x 40mm.) are coloured blue, and pink and have a border panel (30mm. wide) of flowers, leaves, insects on sepia ground and are on 82v.a and 165r.a. In the panel on 82v.a are two monkeys playing bagpipes, others blowing bubbles and two bears dancing.

Dimensions: 347 x 240 mm

Extent: iv + 258

Foliation: foliation in modern pencil by tens

Hand desc: German littera hybrida


Layout: two cols each of 41 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: S. Hieronymi Presbyteri Commentariorum in Esaiam Libri I-XVIII, 2 vols, M. Adriaen (ed.), Turnhout 1963, without reference to this MS.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv 2

Orig place:


Provenance: 137v.a in gold is the motto Ihesus Maria; front cover has title in a contemporary hand 'Explanationes diui Iheronymi doctoris prophetam in isaiam'; 1r. stamp of PUBLIC LIBRARY OF VICTORIA with date 1 April 1902 and stock no.'143179'.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 201


Signatures: quire signatures in arabic numerals

Support: vellum, paper


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