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Name: Horae

Repository: National Gallery of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Horae (Use of Rome)

Library ref: MS.Felton 4

Acquisition: sold at SothebyÕs London in 1960 and acquired through the Felton Bequest by the National Gallery of Victoria

Binding: modern binding of green sealskin, gilt, by W.H. Smith of Letchworth. Spine has gilt lettering HORAE / BMV and FLORENCE / 1495

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (3)1 (12)2 (11)3 (10)4-11 (11)12 (10)13 (8)14 (11)15 (10)16-19 (11)20 (10)21 (8)22 (11)23 (12)24 (3)25. Fols 1r.-3v., 16r., 98r., 102v.-107r., 134v.-136r., 187r., 214r.-216r., 222r.-222v., 228r.-241v. are blank


Condition: Edges cut, gilded and goffered

Deco desc: Florentine in style: black and red entries in the Calendar; red rubrics; small initials in gold, blue, green, magenta, and large ones in gold, green, red, and blue. Historiated initials (28 x 28mm.) in gold, red, blue, purple, dark brown and set in borders of foliage and gold spangles. Seven of the initials contain a female saint (30r., 44r., 49r., 53v., 57v., 62r., 70v.) another (48 x 42mm.) depicts Pentecost (223r.), while five more(50 x 40, 42 x 35mm.) portraying Virgin and Child (17r.), David with a harp (108r.), Triumph of Death (137r.), Christ with the Cross (188r.), Pietˆ (217r.) are placed on sheets which face miniatures. The miniatures (80 x 47mm.) represent the Annunciation (16v.), David in prayer (107v.), Raising of Lazarus (136v.), Betrayal (187v.), Crucifixion (216v.) and are set in Renaissance borders of gilt foliage, putti, mermen, sphinxes, masks on blue, red, green, purple, or gold grounds. The borders also contain medallions and small scenes as follows: six medallion portraits of Apostles (16v.) and six others of Prophets (17r.), hermit kneeling outside a cave (107v.), David with the head of Goliath (108r.), three Evangelists or Prophets and Francis (?) holding a skull (136v.), three medallions with Prophets, ox-skulls, winged DeathÕs head, Death with a scroll carrying the words ÔMemento MortisÕ (137r.), three Apostles and kiss of Judas in medallions (187v.), three Apostles and the Man of Sorrows (188r.), Three Marys, Peter, John and Image of Pity in medallions (216v.), five Apostles, Flagellation, John finding Angel in the Tomb, in seven medallions (217r.). The work is said to be that of the brothers Gherardo and Monte del Fora.[N32 The work of these celebrated Florentine miniaturists is discussed in P. dÕAncona and E Aeschlimann, Dictionnaire des Miniaturistes, 2nd ed., Milan 1949, pp. 84-5.] There are arms emblazoned on 13v. and 14r.

Dimensions: 147 x 100 mm

Extent: 241

Foliation: modern pencil foliation by arabic numerals incorrect

Hand desc: Italian littera humanistica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 13 lines (Calendar 16)

Library ref alt: The Strozzi-Acciaiuoli Hours

List bibl: G. F. Warner, Descriptive Catalogue of the Illuminated Manuscripts in the Library of C. W. Dyson Perrins, London 1920, item 91; Sotheby and Co., The Dyson Perrins Collection Part III Ñ Fifty-nine illuminated MSS . . . sale Tuesday, 29 Nov. 1960, London 1960, pp.105-7, pls51-2 (reproduce 16v., 17r., 107v., 108r., 136v., 137r., 187v., 188r.); Sir Daryl Lindsay, The Felton Bequest, Melbourne 1963, p.72. Margaret M. Manion, The Felton Illuminated Manuscripts in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 2005, pp.376-425.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xvex

Orig place:


Provenance: 13v. and 14r. bear the arms of the Strozzi and Acciaiuoli families. Lucrezia di Lorenzo Strozzi married Roberto di Donato Acciaiuoli in 1494. The Strozzi arms have been covered by those of the Albizi family. RobertoÕs elder brother Alessandro married Maria dÕAntonio di Luca Albizi. In 1910 the volume was purchased from Messrs G. W. Davis of London by C. W. Dyson Perrins whose book-plate is inside front cover along with no.Õ9lÕ (also on spine)

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 197



Support: vellum


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