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Name: Titus Livius Trois Decades (translation by Pierre Bersuire OSB)

Repository: National Gallery of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

Associated Manuscript Items:
Trois Decades (translation by Pierre Bersuire OSB)

Library ref: MS.Felton 3

Acquisition: acquired from W.H. Robinson of London in 1937 through the Felton Bequest for the National Gallery

Binding: Modern binding of brown morocco over wooden boards. Covers gilt, five squares in quincunx, each with a lozenge at a corner. Two metal studs, leather straps and gilt plaques. Spine gilt with floral designs.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (8)1-22 (4)23 (7)24-25 (8)26 (4)27 (9)28 (8)29-30 (6)31 (8)32-35 (6)36 (8)37-48 (2)49 (9)50 (8)51-56 (6)57 (8)58-59 (6)60 (8)61-66 (4)67 Ar., 207r.b, 207v., 211v., 376v.b, 510v.b, Br.-Bv. are blank


Condition: Edges cut, tinted blue, and gilt goffered

Deco desc: French style: red rubrics and underlining; fill-ins of gold, blue, and red; illuminated initials in gold, blue, vermilion, mauve, green, often with grotesques. Marginal leaf sprays. Full spray borders with intricate vertical panels in gold and colour at the head of the Decades together with a miniature in four compartments 217 x 205mm. on 8r., 255 x 216mm. on 212r., 210 x 210mm. on 377r. Twenty-seven smaller pictures (95 x 95mm.), one at the beginning of the Prologue, and one at the head of each Book of each Decade. The illustrations are the work of two French artists. A full description will be found in the monograph by K. V. Sinclair (K. V. Sinclair, The Melbourne Livy, Melbourne 1961).

Dimensions: 440 x 325 mm

Extent: ii + 510

Foliation: modern pencil foliation

Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: two cols each of 60 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Sotheby and Co., Catalogue of the Livy of the B‰tard de Bourgogne . . . day of sale Tuesday, 23 June, London 1931; Public Library, Museum and National Gallery of Victoria. Manuscripts and Books of Art acquired under the Terms of the Felton Bequest, Melbourne 1938, p.6 and colour plate (reproduces 8r.); Ursula Hoff, Masterpieces of the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1949, p.8; K. V. Sinclair, ÔThe Miniaturists of the Livy Manuscript in the National Gallery CollectionÕ, Annual Bulletin of the National Gallery of Victoria, Vol.I (1959), pp.7-13 K. V. Sinclair, The Melbourne Livy, Melbourne 1961; F. Lyna, ÔA propos du Tite-Live de MelbourneÕ, Scriptorium,Vol.XVI (1962), pp.359-61; Sir Daryl Lindsay, The Felton Bequest, Melbourne 1963, p.42. Margaret M. Manion, The Felton Illuminated Manuscripts in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 2005, pp.204-289.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xivex

Orig place:


Provenance: inside front cover in a 15c. hand is the note ÔCÕest le livre de Titulivius contenant trois livresÕ; Ar. by a 15c. hand Ôlib. titi liuii et incipit in 2¡ fo. in processu libri tour laquelleÕ; 510v.a by another 15c. hand is the motto of Antoine de Bourgogne[N30 Grand B‰tard de Bourgogne (1421-1504), one of the most renowned bibliophiles of the fifteenth century, cf. A Boinet, ÔUn Bibliophile du xve sicle: Le Grand B‰tard de BourgogneÕ, Bibiiothque de lÕEcoie des Chartes, Vol.LXVII (1906), pp.255-69.] NUL NE SI FROTE Ob DE BOURGneÕ[N31] the MS. was offered for sale by Gilhofer and Ranschburg at SothebyÕs London in 1931, but bought in; it was subsequently sold to Dudley M. Colman of Hove, and then to W. H. Robinson of London

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 196


Signatures: quire signatures in modern pencil incorrect towards the end

Support: vellum


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