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Name: Horae (Use of Rome)

Repository: National Gallery of Victoria

Settlement: Melbourne

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Horae (Use of Rome)

Library ref: MS.Felton 1

Acquisition: acquired through the Felton Bequest[N29] for the National Gallery of Victoria from sale at ChristieÕs London in 1920 [N29 Alfred Felton (1831-1904), renowned public benefactor; see Aust.Enc., Vol.IV, p.33 and the Bibliography for this MS]

Binding: 19c. red velvet over boards, the exterior edges of the covers with red leather, floral sprays gilt. Corners strengthened by gilt plates, one gilt clasp. Spine re-backed red leather, with gilt-tooled lettering WHARNCLIFFE HORAE


Collation: (6)1 (8)2-7 (6)8 (9)9-15 Ar.-Bv., 59v.-60v., 106v., Cr.-Dv. are blank.


Condition: Edges cut and gilded

Deco desc: French in style: black and blue entries in the Calendar; blue and red rubrics; caps and fill-ins in gold, red, blue. Nearly every side has a panel of leaf sprays, flowers, and fruit in gold, blue, red, and green. Each month of the Calendar has a miniature (32 x 32mm.) of the zodiacal sign inserted in the exterior margin and another miniature (34 x 29mm.) depicting the labour of the month in the lower margin. Other small miniatures (40 x 30mm ) are of Luke 8r., Matthew 9r., Mark 10r., Christopher 114v., Sebastian 115v. There is one historiated initial (25 x 22mm.) of the Virgin and Child 10v. Eleven large miniatures (88 x 58mm.), said by Herbert (see Bibliography below) to be painted in the manner characteristic of Franciscus; [N28 For the work of the French Ôegregius pictor FranciscusÕ see P. dÕAncona and E. Aeschlimann, Dictionnaire des Miniaturistes, 2nd ed., Milan 1949, p.78.] they depict John the Evangelist (7r.), Trinity with Mercy, Truth, Justice and Peace in the foreground (15r.), Visitation (27r.), Nativity (34v.), Shepherds (37v.), Magi (40v.), Presentation (43v.), Flight (46v.), Funeral Service (51v.), Pentecost (75v.), Three Living and Three Dead (78r.). In addition, the same artist is responsible for two full-page miniatures: David and Abigail (61r.) and Crucifixion (73r.). The work of a second artist has been incorporated as small scenes in the margins: Samson and Delilah, carol with jester in tree, maid with unicorn on her lap (7r.); Annunciation (15r.); knight on foot fights a wildman on horseback, boy steals fruit from a laden basket (27r.); huntsman feeds hound, stag at bay (34v.); wildman chases wolf with lamb, two lovers in a forest, two shepherdesses with dog and sheep in pen (37v.); caravan of camels, three retinues converge on the Holy City (40v.); man with lantern, Adam and Eve expelled from Paradise (43v.); jester dancing, duck-shooting with cross-bow (46v.); two angels in prayer, boat approaching hermit in forest (51v.); man carrying boar, angel chases Adam and Eve from Paradise, wildman with wife and two children (75v.); two monks in prayer, grave-digger at work in church-yard (78r.).

Dimensions: 178 x 125 mm

Extent: iv + 116

Foliation: modern pencil foliation by arabic numerals

Hand desc: French lettre bourguignonne


Layout: one col. of 25 lines (Calendar 34)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: J. A. Herbert, The Wharncliffe Horae - Descriptive Notes, London 1920, 13 pp. typescript; Public Library, Museum and National Gallery of Victoria. Manuscripts and Books of Art acquired under the Terms of the Felton Bequest, Melbourne 1938, pp.2, 4 and colour frontispiece (reproduces 73r.); Sister Margaret Manion, A Study of the Wharncliffe Horae in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1962 (thesis typescript); Sir Daryl Lindsay, The Felton Bequest, Melbourne 1963, p.72. Margaret M. Manion, The Felton Illuminated Manuscripts in the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 2005, pp.290-375.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv2

Orig place:


Provenance: inside front cover is the armorial book-plate (motto AVITO VIR ET HONORE) of Edward Montagu Stuart Granville, First Earl of Wharncliffe and pencilled shelf-mark Ô1072/3Õ; the volume was lot no.87 in the Wharncliffe sale at ChristieÕs London in 1920

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 194



Support: vellum


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