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Name: Missale (Use of Rome)

Repository: Saint Paschal's College

Settlement: Box Hill, Victoria

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Missale (use of Rome)

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Acquisition: last owner: W. H. Robinson, it was subsequently presented to the library (details of the 1949 negotiations that resulted in the donation can be found in the article by Fr C. Kelly OFM, "Franciscan Scholarship in the Middle Ages - II", Catholic Review, Vol.V (1949), pp.213-14)

Binding: half pigskin, done in 1848 by George Bretherton, a book binder employed by Phillipps at Middle Hill (cf. the name inside front cover). Spine has gilt lettering ORDO / MISSALIS / FRATRUM / MINORUM


Collation: (6)1 (12)2-5 (10)6 (8)7 (10)8 (12)9 (10)10 (6)11 (12)12 (6)13 (12)14-18 (10)19-20 (12) 21-23 (8) 24 (10) 25 (12)26-34 (10)35 (9)36 (6)37


Condition: Edges cut

Deco desc: Italian in style: blue and red entries in the Calendar ; red rubrics; caps alternately red with blue penwork and blue with red penwork; illuminated initials (average size 50 x 45 in gold, red, blue, with white tracery on 7r.a, 7r.b, 20v.b, 23v.b, 32r.b, 112va, 113v.a, 121r.a, 127v.b, 138v.a, 154v.a, 173r.b, 175v.b, 180r.b, 181r.a, l89r.a, 205v.a, 210r.b, 254r.b, 256r.a, 259v.b, 267r.a, 272v.a, 276v.b, 281r.a 284v.b, 287v.a, 298v.a, 304r.a, 306r.a, 308r.b, 309v.b, 311r.b, 315r.b. One historiated initial (40 x 40mm depicting Christ (7r.b). One miniature (155 x l20mm portraying Mary and John at the foot of the Cross (182r.a).

Dimensions: 335 x 245 mm

Extent: iii + 395


Hand desc: Italian littera gothica textualis formata. A similar but slightly later hand has added texts on 252r.-252v., 390r.-394v.


Layout: two cols each of 25 lines

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List bibl: "Description of a Franciscan Manuscript formerly in the Phillipps Library now in the possession of A. G. Little", Publications of the British Society of Franciscan Studies, Vol.V (1914), pp.9ff.; Fr C. Kelly OFM, "Franciscan Scholarship in the Middle Ages - II", Catholic Review, Vol.V (1949), pp.213-14 and "The Codex Sancti Paschalis", Provincial Chronicle of the Holy Ghost Province Australia & New Zealand, Vol.III (1949), pp.74-94; K. V. Sinclair, "Phillipps Manuscripts in Australia", The Book Collector, Vol.XI (1962), pp.336-7 and "Manuscrits médiévaux d'origine franciscaine en Australie", Archivum Franciscanum Historicum, Vol.LVII (1964), p.375.

Music notation: In places are groups of four-line red staves with words (black square notation)

Note: Currently on loan to the State Library of Victoria

Orig date: s. xiv2

Orig place:


Provenance: 395v. has "394" in a 15c. hand and in a later hand are three Benedictions; Br. by a 19c. hand is "Missale Romanum. Codex missalis A.B." and autograph "Payne" (Messrs Payne and Foss from whom Sir Thomas Phillipps purchased the volume in 1848); inside front cover is a green seal with lion rampant (device of Phillipps) and "12289 Ph." (no. repeated on spine); the MS. was acquired in 1910 by A. G. Little, then later by W. H. Robinson, and was subsequently presented to the library

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 181



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-iii modern paper


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