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Name: Liber Praecum

Repository: Ballarat Art Gallery

Settlement: Ballarat

Associated Manuscript Items:
Liber Praecum

Library ref: Ms Crouch 12

Acquisition: R. A. Crouch presented the volume in 1944

Binding: 19c. black pigskin over boards; covers have one fillet at the top and bottom, and one thick and one thin fillet at the sides, all in blind


Collation: (9)1 (6)2 (8)3-4 (6)5-8 (8)9 (6)10 Ar.-Av., 15v., 68v.-69v., Br.-Bv. are blank.


Condition: Edges cut and gilded

Deco desc: brown, and red entries in the Calendar; red rubrics; illuminated initials (30 x 30mm.) are gold on blue or on grey or on green. Nine full-page miniatures (96 x 58mm.), the first three surrounded by full frames of flowers, fruit, and floral scrolls in natural colours. They depict the Betrayal (1v.), the owner with patron saint, shield and motto (see below) (2r.), Margaret with the letters W and M in the lower panel (14v.), Nicholas (30v.), David in prayer (31v.), Virgin and Child standing on a crescent and in the surrounding frame the legend REGINA CELI LETARE ALLELVYA QVIA QVEM MERVISTI PORTARE ALLELVYA OR. (48v.), Christ with the emblems of the Passion (49v.), monogram of the name of Jesus in a circle bearing the legend ÔDie name ihesus si gebenedijt ende sijnder liever moeder maria van nu tot in der ewicheit. AmenÕ (57r.), Anne with the Virgin and Child and border inscription O ANNA V DERDER HOECHST VERHEVEN MET GOD DAER BOVEN INT EWICH LEVEN. AMEN (64v.)

Dimensions: 156 x 96 mm

Extent: ii + 69


Hand desc: lettre bourguignonne


Layout: one col. of 17 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Exhibition, p.31, no.73.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xviin

Orig place:

Origin: The provenance is clearly the Low Countries based on the names in the Calendar.

Provenance: 2r. has a coat of arms azure a chevron three acorns or, motto ÔOCVLI MEI SEMPER AD DOMINVM;[N11 Cf. vs.15 of ps. Ad te domine leuaui animam meam] 14v. carries the ciphers W and M (most probably for Margaret); 30v. has a marginal scroll with the legend DEN TIJT SAL COMEN; inside front cover is the ÔEx libris R. A. CrouchÕ

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 177



Support: vellum


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