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Name: I Horae (Use of Paris)

Repository: Ballarat Art Gallery

Settlement: Ballarat

Associated Manuscript Items:
I Horae (Use of Paris)

Library ref: Ms Crouch 7

Acquisition: R. A. Crouch presented the volume in 1944

Binding: 16c. calf over oak boards with bevelled edges. The covers carry in blind, border panels of rope plaitwork and inside the resulting oblong is a simple cross the arms of which are festooned with rope plaitwork. Two catches remain on the back cover; there are two studs in the front cover holding the remains of leather straps which have lost their clasps.


Collation: (12)1 (7)2 (8)3 (2)4 (7)5 (8)6 (7)7(8)8 (6)9 (5)10 (7)11-13 (8)14 (7)15 (5)16 (7)17 (6)18 (8)19-21 (5)22 (8)23-25 (6)26. Sheets are missing as follows: from quire 2, the first folio, from quire 5, the first, from quire 7, the sixth, from quire 9, the second and eighth, from quire 10, the sixth and possibly two more, from quire 11, the fifth, from quire 12, the fourth, from quire 13, the first, from quire 15, the fifth, from quire 16, the first, fifth and eighth, from quire 17, the fifth, from quire 18, the third and sixth, while quire 22 lacks its first, second and third sheets.


Condition: Edges trimmed. All the miniatures and historiated letters have been removed.

Deco desc: red, blue, and gold entries in the Calendar; red rubrics; caps and fill-ins in gold, red, and blue, with white tracery. Many large initials have marginal sprays. All the miniatures and historiated letters have been removed.

Dimensions: 175 x 125 mm

Extent: 183; also iv another MS, see Sinclair no. 172 II


Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 16 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl:

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv

Orig place:

Origin: Breton names in the Litany; Names in the Calendar suggest a diocese not far from Paris, possibly Soissons.

Provenance: [repeated in Sinclair no. 172 II] Ar. in a 15c. hand has a note only partly legible under ultra-violet Ô. . . Domini Nicolai[N3 The Pontificate of Nicholas IV was 1288-92] PP. IIII A.D. MCCLXXXVIII . . .Õ; Av. in another 15c. hand are words, legible under ultra-violet, ÔS . . . Lievy mÕa syet ainsy A gandÕ;[N4 Doubtless Ghent in eastern Flanders] another 15c. hand has copied on Br. the words of the Septem Versus by Bernardus Clarevallensis: Inlumina (sic) ocullos meos ne unquam . . . (Chevalier, no.27912; Leroquais Vol.I pp.32,71ff.), and on Bv. the prayer: Onypotens (sic) senpiterne (sic) deus quy ezechie regi . . . (Leroquais, Vol. I, pp.32,45ff.). Also on Bv., but in a 16c. Italian hand are two more prayers Oratio ad uirginem (copied as verse): Mater digna dei uenie uia luxque diei . . . (Chevalier, no.11335) and the Orationes Beati Gregorii headed Oratio ad pietatem: O domine yhesu criste adoro te in cruce . . . (Leroquais, Vol.I, pp.103ff., Vol.II, p.346). Cr. - and originally Cv. before it was treated as a palimpsest - has a list of spiritual devotions in Portuguese or Aragonese in a 15c. hand. On Cv.-Dr. a 16c. Italian hand has copied three responsories: Missus est gabriel angelus ad mariam. . . . , Aue Maria gratia plena plena dominus tecum. .., Suscipe uerbum uirgo maria quod tibi a domino... These are followed on Dr. by a prayer in another hand Contra tempestates. Omnipotens sempiterne deus qui ad substentationem populi tui singulos fructus ÉThe upper margin of Dv. contains scribbles in yet another hand. Av. carries a label with the words ÔE libris R. A. CrouchÕ

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 172 I


Signatures: there are quire signatures in the lower left-hand recto corners

Support: vellum


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