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Name: Liber Praecum

Repository: Ballarat Art Gallery

Settlement: Ballarat

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Liber Praecum

Library ref: Ms Crouch 6

Acquisition: R. A. Crouch presented the volume in 1944

Binding: 16c. calf over oak boards; covers bear four fillets forming centre panel in which are agnus dei and cock, all in blind. A leather strap, one brass pin and star remain.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (8)1-10 (6)11 (8)12-24 (9)25


Condition: Edges trimmed

Deco desc: rubrics red, occasionally blue; small caps in red; some initials blue, with red penwork

Dimensions: 73 x 52 mm

Extent: iv + 199 Ar.-Bv., Cr.-Cv., Dv. are blank


Hand desc: northern French littera hybrida


Layout: one col. of 9 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl:

Music notation:


Orig date: 1500 or s. xviin

Orig place:

Origin: The memoriae of Augustinus and Nicolaus Tolentinas suggest Angustinian influence, while the rubrics and texts in the vernacular point to French provenance.

Provenance: Dr. in modern pencil ÔCat.G.Dunn I, 598Õ ; inside front cover ÔEx libris R. A. CrouchÕ

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 171


Signatures: quire signatures present

Support: vellum


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