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Name: Breviarium

Repository: Ballarat Art Gallery

Settlement: Ballarat

Associated Manuscript Items:

Library ref: Ms Crouch 1

Acquisition: R. A. Crouch presented the volume in 1944

Binding: modern boards covered by linen, spine gilt russia and gilt lettering HORAE / DIURNAE; one silver clasp

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (10)1-5 (9)6 (10)7-23 (9)24 (10)25-31 (3)32


Condition: Edges cut and tinted red

Deco desc: red rubrics; red or blue caps; twenty-four Italian illuminated initials (10 x 10mm.) in gold, blue, and red, or green. A full border of floral and leaf sprays in gold, blue, green, red, and mauve on lr., as well as a blank shield in the lower margin.

Dimensions: 110 x 82 mm

Extent: i + 311, folio 311v. is blank


Hand desc: Italian littera gothica textualis


Layout: two cols each of 29 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: K. V. Sinclair, ÔManuscrits mŽdiŽvaux dÕorigine franciscaine en AustralieÕ, Archivum Franciscanum Historicum, Vol.LVII (1964), p. 377.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv1

Orig place:

Origin: The evidence points to a Breviary of Franciscan origin.

Provenance: inside front cover is ÔEx libris R. A. CrouchÕ [N1] Colonel the Hon. Richard Armstrong Crouch (1868-1949), member for Corio in the first federal Parliament, public benefactor and art collector.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 166



Support: vellum, fly leaf i modern paper


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