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Name: Guido Ebroicensis op Sermones de Tempore (fragments)

Repository: University of Tasmania Library

Settlement: Hobart

Associated Manuscript Items:
op Sermones de Tempore (fragments)

Library ref: MS. 3

Acquisition: acquired in 1961 from B. M. Rosenthal of New York





Condition: The sheets have been torn at the corners, many margins and areas of text are stained brown where they were in contact with wooden covers. . On the verso side, upper margin, of one folio is ÔlxxxviÕ, while Ôlxxviii, lxxix, lxxxv, lxxxvii, lxxxxiiii, lxxxxv, lxxxxviÕ remain stuck to the inside covers of the volumes from which they were removed. the sheets were removed at the turn of the century from inside the wooden covers of the two volumes of Robert Estienne, Dictionarium seu latinae linguae thesaurus cum gallica fere interpretatione, Paris 1531, in the possession of Professor Hermann Suchier. The professorÕs ex-libris in the form of a label is pasted in the lower margin of a bi-folio

Deco desc: red underlining; initials blue, with red penwork and red, with blue penwork.

Dimensions: 215 x 155 mm

Extent: four bi-folios presenting 16 sides


Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis


Layout: 2 cols each of 40 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: J. Gutbier, BruchstŸck einer lateinsichen, mit franzosischen SŠtzen gemischten Predigtsammlung aus dem Ende des XIII. oder Anfang des XIV. Jahr hunderts, Halle 1908; B. M. Rosenthal, Catalogue XII. Medieval Manuscripts, Incunabula, New York 1961, p.9, item 42; D. H. Borchardt, ÔImportant manuscripts in the University LibraryÕ, University of Tasmania Gazette, Vol.XI (1961), p. 47.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xiiiex or s. xivin

Orig place:



Record hist source: Sinclair no. 165



Support: vellum


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