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Name: Theobaldus Trecensis Summa Metrica Bibliae - Anon. Commentarium - Anon. Meditationes de Gestis Domini Nostri Ihesu Christi - Petrus Blesensis De Duodecim Utilitatibus Tribulationis - Anselmus Cantuariensis Orationes

Repository: State Library of South Australia

Settlement: Adelaide

Associated Manuscript Items:
Summa Metrica Bibliae
De Duodecim Utilitatibus Tribulationis
Meditationes de Gestis Domini Nostri Ihesu Christi
Orationes Sive Meditationes

Library ref: 220.47. a Sp. 31.10.45

Acquisition: acquired by the Friends of the Public Library of South Australia (book-plate inside front cover) in 1945

Binding: 19c. russia over boards; covers with three fillets in gilt; spine has gilt lettering BIBLIA LATINA METRICAE / SAEC XIV I TRACTATUS / DE / TRIBUL / ACIONIBUS.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (8)1-7 (7)8 (3)9 The last sheet of quire 8 has been removed. It was probably blank.


Condition: Edges cut and gilded

Deco desc: caps and initials alternately red and blue; red ink drawings of hands 64v.-66r., and a blank hand in brown ink on 66v.

Dimensions: 215 x 150 mm

Extent: iv + 66 Ar. marbled, Br., 64r., Cv. blank, Dv. marbled.


Hand desc: German littera cursiva libraria


Layout: one col. of 32-33 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Auction ÔLintonÕ Yass. Mr James R. Lawson. Collections and house- hold effects of A. B. Triggs, Sydney 1945, lot 1129; I. Buttrose, The Friends of the Public Library of South Australia, Adelaide 1950, p.35; J. R. Tyrrell, Old books, old friends, old Sydney, Sydney 1952, p.120; Exhibition, pp.14-15 no.21.

Music notation:

Note: several ÔlostÕ manuscripts listed in Sinclair catalogue pp.418-21 were also in the collection of A. B. Triggs of Yass

Orig date: s. xiv2

Orig place:


Provenance: 7v. in 16c. hand ÔT. PenderÕ ; 10r. by the same hand ÔBy me Thomas pender Sarlark (?) in SmallwoodgreenÕ, ÔTho. PenderÕ, ÔT. PenderÕ ; 35r. ÔToma[s] PenderÕ ; 1r. in modern hand ÔBiblia Latina MetricaeÕ ; Dr. modern pencil ÔB.2Õ, ÔCaÕ and Ôaosao/bdg soc/rosaoÕ ; Av. modern pencil ÔManuscript. Biblia Latina Metricae XIV century &cÕ ; Ar. carries an extract from catalogue 380 of Maggs Bros, entry no.1652; the volume was once in the possession of A. B. Triggs of Yass (see Bibliography); Cr. modern pencil ÔM.T.Õ and ÔDon F. P. L. 11.O.OÕ ; Bv. has date and shelf-mark Ô220.47. a Sp. 31.10.45Õ; stamp PUBLIC LIBRARY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA in blind on the front cover.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 158


Signatures: a few quire signatures

Support: vellum, fly leaves i-iv modern paper


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