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Name: Horae (Use of Paris)

Repository: Church of England Diocesan Library

Settlement: Adelaide

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Horae (Use of Paris)

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Acquisition: Dr F. W. Pennefather presented the MS to the Diocese in 1904.

Binding: 19c. red morocco over boards; covers bear three fillets forming a centre panel with a fleuron at each corner, all gilt-tooled; spine with gilt fleurons but no lettering.


Collation: (6)1-2 (8)3 (7)4 (8)5-8 (7)9 (8)10-12 (7)13 (8)14-26 (7)27. Quire 4 lacks its second sheet, quire 9 its fourth, quire 13 its sixth and quire 27 its last. Ar., Br.-Fr., 207r.-208v., Gv.-Jv. are blank.


Condition: Edges cut There are damp stains on fols l36-40, 202, 206.

Deco desc: French in style: red, blue and gold entries in Calendar; blue and gold rubrics; caps, initials and fill-ins in gold, blue, red. Panel borders (85 x 25mm.) with leaves, fruit, flowers, insects, grotesques in Gold, blue, all shades of red, on all folios with minatures and in the Calendar. The design and grotesques in. some recto and verso panels are identical.[N1] Each Month of the Calendar has pictures of the appropriate labour and zodiacal sign. Nineteen small miniatures (35 x 35mm.) depicting Virgin and Child (185v.), Michael (191v.), John Baptist (192r.), John the Evangelist (193r.), Peter and Paul (193v.), James (194v.), Christopher (195r.), Lawrence (196r.), Sebastian (196v.), Denis (198r.), Nicholas (199r.), Claudius (199v.), Anthony (201r.), Anne (202r.), Catherine (202v.), Margaret (203v.), Barbara (204r.), Genevieve (205r.), Agnes (206r.). Fifteen large miniatures (75 x 50mm.) portraying John the Evangelist (13r.) Luke (15v.), Matthew (18r.), Mark (20v.), Annunciation (26r.), Visitation (51v.), Pentecost (64v.), Nativity (66r.), Shepherds (75r.), Magi (82v.), Presentation (89v.), Coronation of Virgin (105v.), elderly man pours out contents of horn on the head of shepherd boy (? David) kneeling before him (114r.), Job (135r.), Trinity (190v.) .There ate also three vignettes in the margins of 114r: David and Goliath, David in prayer, David and Bathsheba. The colouring in all the pictures is nearly always blue or red for garments, gold for hats, blue or green for hangings with gold tracery, white for altar-cloths etc. [N] 1 On this feature of the decoration of 15c. Horae, see above, [Sinclair] p.47n.1.

Dimensions: 163 x 115 mm

Extent: x + 208


Hand desc: French littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 16 lines (Calendar 17)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Year Book of the Church of England in the Diocese of Adelaide 1904-1905, Adelaide 1904, p.208

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv

Orig place:

Origin: The provenance is the Paris region based on the names in the Litany and the Calendar

Provenance: Av. in 19c. hand Ôno.5Õ ; on Fv. in modern black ink are notes in English on the number of illustrations; almost identical notes in pencil nearly effaced are on Gr; 206v. carries an illegible signature. From documents with the volume, it appears that it was owned in the late 19c. by a Mrs Shaw of 8 Cambridge Square, London. On her death in 1890 the volume passed to her niece Mrs Lucy E. Anderson of 39 Craven Hill Gardens, London. Mrs Anderson bequeathed the MS. to her cousin Dr F. W. Pennefather.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 154



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-x modern paper


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