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Name: Missa de SS Exuperio et Lupo

Repository: University Library

Settlement: Sydney, in the University of Sydney

Associated Manuscript Items:
Missa de SS Exuperio et Lupo

Library ref: MS. Additional 3

Acquisition: purchased by the Friends of the Fisher Library in 1962 from Messrs Tyrrell Pty Ltd, Sydney

Binding: binding of brown calf over boards. Covers bear three fillets in gilt. Spine is gilt with the lettering in blind MISSA DE SANCTIS EXUPERIO & LUPO M.S.


Collation: (4)1 Ar., Fv. are marbled, while Br.ÑDv., 1v., 3v.Ñ4v., Er.ÑFr. are blank.


Condition: Edges trimmed and gilded

Deco desc: red and black ink (faded) initials, and red underlining

Dimensions: 191 x 135 mm

Extent: vi + 4


Hand desc: French littera hybrida currens


Layout: one col. of 25-28 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: R. I. Jack, ÔA fifteenth-century Mass Book now in the Fisher LibraryÕ, Biblionews, Vol.XV (1962), pp.34-5; and ÔThe truth about Exuperius and LupusÕ, ibid., Vol.XVI (1963), pp.7-9; and ÔThe Friends of Sydney Uni versity Library 1962-1966Õ, University of Sydney Gazette, Vol.II, no.11 (1966), pp. 161 (reproduces 2r.); Exhibition, p.2, no.65.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv2

Orig place:


Provenance: Av. in 19c. pencil ÔSurtees S.47. 1 Vol. 2 t. P. 2. Surtees Soc. (Dean GlanvilleÕs Letters etc.)Õ;[N168] 1r. in 19c. pencil, ÔTitre: missa de sanctis Exuperio & Lupo MS.Õ; on an accompanying loose sheet from James Toovey to Sir David Dundas[N169] are notes on the two saints, in English; on another loose leaf is the reference ÔSt Exuperius. Guibert de Pignoribus sanctorum in Dacherius. For the extract see 4 SoutheyÕs Common Place book 675Õ;[N170] [N168] The reference is to G. Ornsby, The Remains of Denis Granville, D.D. . . ., Durham 1865, p.195n. where mention is made of the Translation of the relics of S. Exuperius and S. Lupus, Bishops of Bayeux, to Corbeil-sur-Seine circa 912. Haimon, Count of Corbeil, had a church built there in their honour. [N169] Scholar, jurist and statesman (1799-1877). [N170] The note refers to R. Southey, Common-place Book Fourth Series (ed. J. W. Warter), London 1851, p.675 where are reported the words of Guibertus de Nouigento ÔOdo, the ConquerorÕs brother, bought the body of a countryman called Exuperius of a sexton for £100, and made a solemn translation of it for St ExuperiusÕ.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 133



Support: paper


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