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Name: Guido de Columnis Historia Destructionis Troiae

Repository: University Library

Settlement: Sydney, in the University of Sydney

Associated Manuscript Items:
Historia Destructionis Troiae

Library ref: MS. Nicholson 30

Acquisition: Sir Charles Nicholson's family donated the MS to the library in 1924


Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (10)1-12 (6)13 (8)14. Ar. marbled, Br.-Bv., Cv., 126r.-134v., Dr.-Fr. are blank, Fv. marbled.


Condition: Worm-holes in fols 1-20, 102-34 without loss of text.

Deco desc:

Dimensions: 288 x 212 mm

Extent: vi + 134


Hand desc: Italian littera humanistica cursiua formata


Layout: one col. of 31 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Exhibition, p.13 no.17.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xvi1

Orig place:


Provenance: Cr. has ÔPinelli libraryÕ in a 19c. hand; on Av. in 19c. pencil are Ô123 (sic) leaves manuscript 220 -aefÕ and Ô238/720Õ and an effaced price in pounds sterling, then an extract from an English booksellerÕs catalogue, entry no.638; inside front cover is the armorial book plate (motto [three words in greek in CAPS]) of Sir Robert dÕArcy Hildyard, Bart. and helmet book-plate of Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart. [N163] The reference is to the celebrated library of the Venetian printer Maffei Pinelli ([cross/dagger]1785). It was catalogued two years after the ownerÕs death by the AbbŽ J. Morelli, Bibliotheca Maphaei Pinelli . . . descripta et annotationibus illustrata, Venice, 6 vols, and in 1788 the whole collection was purchased by the London booksellers, Messrs Robson and Edwards, and disposed of by three sales in 1789 and 1790. I fmd no mention of this MS. in the Morelli catalogue

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 128



Support: paper water-marks are a six-pointed star in a circle cf. Briquet, Vol.II, no.6086 (Troja 1528 and Florence 1533) and siren cf. Briquet, Vol.IV, no.13889 (Naples 1524-8).


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