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Name: Biblia Vulgata (Isaiah) - Walafridus Strabus Fuldensis OSB Glossa Ordinaria

Repository: University of Sydney Library

Settlement: Sydney

Associated Manuscript Items:
Biblia Vulgata (Isaiah)
Glossa Ordinaria

Library ref: MS. Nicholson 28

Acquisition: Sir Charles Nicholson's family donated the MS to the library in 1924

Binding: 19c. crimson paper over boards with gilt fillet and arrow-head chain on the covers, spine red linen damaged.

Catchwords: A few catchwords remain

Collation: (10)1-9 (8)10 (2)11. Ar. marbled, Bv., Cr.-Cv. blank, Dv. marbled


Condition: Edges trimmed. Worm-holes 1-10, 90-100 without loss of text.

Deco desc: the caps, running titles, paragraph marks and chapter nos are alternately red and blue; initials (35 x 35 mm.) in gold, blue, red and yellow on 1r. and 2r., the latter historiated with a picture of the death of Peter the Martyr.

Dimensions: 360 x 250 mm

Extent: A-B + 100 + C-D


Hand desc: French (?) littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: four cols each of 49 lines, the first three cols on the recto and the last three on the verso are used for gloss - text - gloss, text - text - gloss, or gloss - text - text

Library ref alt:

List bibl: T. J. Pettigrew, Bibliotheca Sussexiana, Part I, London 1827, pp.xcix-c, item 22; Exhibition, p.22, no.45.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xiv1

Orig place:


Provenance: erasures illegible under ultra-violet light have been made in the margins of 54r., 60r., 68r., 73r., 75r., 88r., 100v.; in the lower margin of 69v. is a faint ink drawing of a crucifix; 1r. by a 16c. hand 'Isaias cum glosa Incipit primo (sic) cum prophetas B'; Av. in modern pencil '113*' and '5.5.0'; Br. in pencil '16.16.0'; Dr. in modern pencil 'E252' and 'e/h/-'; inside front cover is the armorial book-plate of Frederick Augustus, Duke of Sussex, with the numbers 'vi-H.m.3' and '22xcix. Vol.I Part I, B.S.' (referring to the Pettigrew Catalogue), as well as an extract from an English bookseller's catalogue, entry no.252; inside back cover is the armorial book-plate of Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart. For the sale of the Sussex Collection by Evans in 1844 see Sinclair p.192 n.118.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 126


Signatures: quire signatures in roman on the verso of the last sheets of the gatherings

Support: vellum, fly leaves A-B C-D modern paper. Watermark in the fly-leaves is E.G.A.


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