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Name: Horae (use of Sarum)

Repository: National Library of Australia

Settlement: Canberra

Associated Manuscript Items:
Horae (use of Sarum)

Library ref: MS.1097/9

Acquisition: acquired from the Clifford family of Chudleigh in 1964

Binding: l6c. calf over boards, single fillet forming centre rectangle in which is a double panel of floral arabesques, all in blind; spine and edges repaired; in black ink on spine is ÔIÕ.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (4)1 (2)2 (8)3-9 (10)10 (8)11-15 (7)16-17. Quire 16 lacks its fifth sheet quire 17 lacks its seventh. Ar.Ñ 72v., 126v., Cr.ÑDv. are blank.


Condition: Edges cut Fol.126 has been repaired, 122Ñ125 are now cockled

Deco desc: English: red rubrics; caps gold with black penwork, or blue, with red penwork or red, with blue penwork; line fill-ins are red and gold or blue and gold; initials in gold, blue, red, and white; sheets with miniatures carry threeÑsided borders of flowers, acanthus sprays, leaves in red, gold, black, green, mauve; twenty-six miniatures (96 x 70mm.), several with chequered grounds, in gold, red, blue, yellow, grey, white, brown, and green depicting Christ flanked by two angels (7r.), Trinity (13r.), John the Evangelist (15r.), Martyrdom of Thomas Cantuaniensis (16r.), George (17v.), Christopher (18v.), Anne (20r.), Mary Magdalene (21r.), Catherine (22r.), Barbara (23r.), Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane (24r.), Betrayal (29v.), before Herod (39r.), Flagellation (42r.), Christ bearing the Cross (44r.), Crucifixion (46r.), Deposition from Cross (48r.), Entombment (50r.), Virgin and Child (53v.), Visitation (62r.), Christ being nailed to the Cross (65r.), Mary and John at the foot of the Cross (68v.), Judgement Day (73r.), Burial Service (86r.), Commendation of the Souls (102v.), Instruments of the Passion (112v.). Nine small miniatures (30 x 30mm.) depicting the Cross (65v.), Christ wearing the Crown of Thorns (65v.), Wounds in the right hand (66r.), left hand (66r.), heart (66v.), right foot (66v.), left foot (67r.), Virgin and Child (67r.), John the Evangelist (67v.).

Dimensions: 195 x 140 mm

Extent: iv + 126


Hand desc: English littera gothica textualis formata


Layout: one col. of 21 lines (Calendar 33)

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Exhibition, p.24, no.53.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv2

Orig place: [Ela] William Clifford of Boscombe - Wiltshire, England the Clifford family of Chudleigh - Ugbrook House, Devon


Provenance: 126r. in 16c. hand: Henricus octauus dei gratia Anglie ffrancie. . . uis harford salutem. Precipimus tibi quod uenire facias coram Baronibus de scaccario . . .; 1r. by 16c. hand against 10 January ÔNatalis mci Tho. BabiÕ; 5r. by another 16c. hand against 18 September ÔRichard Ravenhill died ora pro [oe]Õ; 21v. in later hand is ÔIoannis (?) SalisburyÕ now erased

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 11



Support: vellum, fly leaves i-iv modern paper


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