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Name: Iohannes Calderinus Breviarium Decretorum - Iohannes de Deo Decretum Abbreviatum - Anon. Inventarium Paauperum Sive Tabula Decretorum - Iohannes Calderinus Tractatus Concordantiarum Bibliae

Repository: University Library

Settlement: Sydney, in the University of Sydney

Associated Manuscript Items:
Breviarium Decretorum
Anon. Inventarium Paauperum Sive Tabula Decretorum
Decretum Abbreviatum
Tractatus Concordantiarum Bibliae

Library ref: MS. Nicholson 16

Acquisition: Sir Charles Nicholson's family presented the volume in 1924

Binding: contemporary binding of calf over oak boards (12mm. thick) with bevelled edges. Covers carry five brass studs in quincunx; in addi tion the front cover has two holes once filled by pins, and the back cover has two metal plates over the remains of straps. Top centre of front cover is the title BREVIARIUM DECRETORUM in black ink by a contemporary hand, while the spine, repaired, has the lettering BREVIARIUM / M.S. / SEC.XV. tooled in gilt.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (12)1-10 (11)11 (12)12-18 (7)19 (12)20-21 (6)22. Quire 19 originally had twelve sheets, the remains of the five removed folios can be seen caught in the binding, they were blank and have not been counted in the above collation, or allowed for in the numbering. The same remarks apply in the case of quire 11, where one blank sheet has been removed from the gathering. Ar.ÑAv., 127v.b, 131r.b, 131v., 222r.b 222v., Br.ÑBv. are blank.


Condition: Edges trimmed

Deco desc: red rubrics, underlining, capitals and large initials.

Dimensions: 308 x 210 mm

Extent: ii + 252

Foliation: the contemporary foliation is in arabic numerals and intermittent

Hand desc: Two German (?) hands, both: a littera cursiva libraria


Layout: Two German (?) hands, two cols to a side (i) 47Ñ51 lines to a col: 1r.Ñ131v., 144r.Ñ209r., 223r.Ñ252v., (ii) 45Ñ8 lines to a col, 132r.Ñ143v., 209v.Ñ222r.,

Library ref alt:

List bibl: K. V. Sinclair, ÔManuscrits mŽdiŽvaux dÕorigine franciscaine en AustralieÕ, Archivum Franciscanum Historicum, Vol.LVII (1964), pp.372-3; Exhibition, p.l6, no.27.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv1

Orig place:


Provenance: 1r in 16c. hand ÔFranciscanorum Friburgi BrisgoiaeÕ [N132] and in 19c. pencil ÔIn fine primi MS. is the date 1421Õ; inside front cover is the armorial book-plate of Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart. [N132] This is the Franciscan Convent of St Martin at Freiburg-im-Breisgau.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 114


Signatures: quire signatures in arabic and roman numerals in top right-hand corners

Support: paper water-marks are a crowned TurkÕs head cf. Briquet, Vol.IV, no.15659 (Landshut 1415, Zurich 1415Ñ24, Bavaria 1417Ñ21, Tyrol 1425, Brunswick 1427) and a small ox-head with flower on long stalk cf. Briquet, Vol.IV, no.14747 (Brunswick 1417);


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