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Name: Antonius de Butrio Commentaria in Quinque Libros Decretalium

Repository: University of Sydney Library

Settlement: Sydney

Associated Manuscript Items:
Commentaria in Quinqus Libros Decretalium

Library ref: MS. Nicholson 12

Acquisition: Sir Charles Nicholson's family presented the volume in 1924

Binding: 19c. bright calf over boards. Covers bear traces of a gilt oval design, possibly armorial, now effaced. Spine carries gilt floral patterns and the lettering REPERTORIUM / ANTONII DE BUTRIO. / LIBROR.5.DECRETALIUM gilt stamped on a strip of red morocco.

Catchwords: Catchwords agree

Collation: (12)1-6 (14)7 (12)8-15 (14)16 (12)17-20 (13)21 (12)22-23 (10)24 (12)25-31 (14)32. Ar.-Av., Bv., 75r.b, 75v., 196v. b, 246r.-246v., Cr.-Dv. are blank.


Condition: Edges cut and mottled in red; sheet foliated '87' has been removed from its quire 7. The right-hand half of fol. 86 has been excised.

Deco desc: red rubrics; paragraph marks alternately red and blue; large capitals red or mauve with blue or brown penwork and blue with red or brown penwork; four illuminated initials in gold, blue, red, green, and mauve on 1r.a (30 x 30mm.), 8 (24 x 23mm.), 1 (25 x 23mm.), 2 (36 x 34mm.).

Dimensions: 322 x 230 mm

Extent: iv + 389

Foliation: foliation in arabic and roman numerals by the scribe. He has missed '259' and the sheet he foliated '87' has been removed from its quire 7

Hand desc: Italian littera cursiva libraria


Layout: two cols each with from 52 to 64 lines

Library ref alt:

List bibl: Exhibition, p.17-18, no.31.

Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv1

Orig place:


Provenance: 1r. by l6c. hand 'Antonii de Butrio Repertorium Iuris Canonici librorum 5 Decretalium'; inserted inside front cover is the mention 'K. theca' and below is the armorial book-plate (motto VERUM ATQUE DECENS) of John Lee with his autograph note 'J. Lee. Doctors Commons. Repaired. August. 1835. no.26/93'; Br. in different 19c. hands are the numbers '26/93', '215', '92', 'No.5'; inside front cover is an extract from an English bookseller's catalogue, entry no.527 (giving the date of the volume as 'circa 1320') and the armorial book-plate of Sir Charles Nicholson, Bart.

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 110



Support: paper; water-mark is a basilisk resembling but not quite identical with Briquet, Vol.I, no.2663 (Ferrara 1417),


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