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Name: Breviarium

Repository: National Library of Australia

Settlement: Canberra

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Library ref: MS.1097/8

Acquisition: acquired from the Clifford family of Chudleigh in 1964

Binding: 15c. vellum, stained red; covers have five brass studs in quincunx (centre one on front cover missing); edge of back cover has a hole for clasp. No lettering or tooling.


Collation: (7)1 (10)2-4 (9)5 (10)6 (9)7 (11)8 (9)9-23 (8)24 (7)25 (11)26 (10)27-29 (11)30-31 (9)32 (11)33 (9)34 (10)35 (8)36. Fols 1v.Ñ5r., 33 are blank.


Condition: Edges trimmed

Deco desc: red rubrics, caps and initials, but one initial (8r.) is blue, has red penwork, and touches of green, and another one on 8v. is blue, with red penwork.

Dimensions: 123 x 85mm. (but with considerable variation owing to the irregular shapes of the sheets),

Extent: 336 folios


Hand desc: German littera cursiva


Layout: one col. of 18 lines

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Music notation:


Orig date: s. xv1

Orig place: [Ela] William Clifford of Boscombe - Wiltshire, England the Clifford family of Chudleigh - Ugbrook House, Devon


Provenance: inside back cover by a 15c hand ÔMaria sit semperÕ, by contemporary littera cursiva hands are 5v. twenty small circles containing, serially, roman numerals, and alphabetical letters, followed on 6r. by instructions for finding the Golden Number and the Dominical Letter (no particular date is mentioned), with incipit: Quicumque certissime scire uoluerit omni tempore numerum ebdomadarum a natale domni . . .; 6v.Ñ7v. have tables for the ÔHistoriaeÕ from Proverbs, Job, Tobias, Judith, Esther, Maccabees, Twelve Prophets and instructions for locating them; 1r. carries the signature ÔHonble Mr Clifford, MunichÕ in a 19c. hand inside back cover in modern pencil is Ô636Õ;

Record hist source: Sinclair no. 10


Signatures: Quire signatures present

Support: vellum


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