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Title: De Fide Orthdoxa

Creator: Iohannes Damascenus (transation by Burgundio Pisanus)

Manuscript Name: Iohannes Damascenus De Fide Orthdoxa (transation by Burgundio Pisanus) - Anselmus Cantuariensis Opera - Hildebertus Cenomanensis Excerpta - Ivo Carnotensis Sermones - Iohannes de Rupella OFM De Divisione Multiplici Potentiarum Animae

Text lang: LAT

Locus: fol 9 r a - 51 r a



Incipit: 10r.a (second folio of text) pugna distantie; 17r.a (second quire of text) -cant ethera

Note: (Sinclair p. 408) item is preceded by, this may need to be assigned a separate entry/item no [EM]: 1r.a Subscripti libri in isto uolumine continent. 3r. a Subject Index for the whole MS. from Aduentus to Ymagina

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