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Title: Pilgrimage of the Life of Man

Creator: Guillelmus de Digulleville OCist. (anonymous adaptation)

Manuscript Name: Guillelmus de Digulleville OCist. Pilgrimage of the Life of Man, Pilgrimage of the Soul (anonymous adaptation)

Text lang: ENG

Locus: fol 1 r - 95 v

Colophon: name or the initial of scribe i is found 77v. qd. Benett, 95v. qd. Benett,

Explicit: 95v. : Here ende[Z = yogh] [TH=thorn]e romaunce of [TH=thorn]e monke[Z = yogh] pilgrimage of his life and of his manhede

Incipit: 2r. Chanons and; 11r. [TH=thorn]em [TH=thorn]e grettere


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