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Title: Glossa Ordinaria

Creator: Walafridus Strabus Fuldensis OSB

Manuscript Name: Biblia Vulgata (Epistolae Paulinae) - Walafridus Strabus Fuldensis OSB Glossa Ordinaria

Text lang: LAT

Locus: fol 1 r - 150 v



Incipit: 2r. fide in gratiam; 9r. sancti. Nam quos; 150r. fatigeris dum; 150v. reddet iustitie [not clear whether they belong to his msItem or to msItem 0200]

Note: On the contribution of this author to the Glossa see J. de Blic, ‘L’oeuvre exégétique de Walafrid Strabon et la Glossa Ordinaria’, Recherches de théologie ancienne et médiévale, Vol. XVI (1949), pp.5-28. For the text of the Glossa, see Migne PL, Vol.CXIV, 482-668 1r. The incipit of the Glossa for Romans is Romani sunt partis Italie. Hi preuenti sunt. . ., but here the text begins abruptly in the commentary on IV, 11 with the words: ut sit pater omnium credentium.. . There is a gap in the commentary for Eph. VI- Phil. I owing to the loss of a sheet between 94v. and 95r. It breaks off 150v. in the section about Hebrews XII, 18. . . et est tempestas quecumque propellit. Hec est seruitus peccati secundum.

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