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Title: Liber Obsequialis (Use of Constance)

Creator: Unknown

Manuscript Name: Liber Obsequialis (Use of Constance)

Text lang: LATGER

Locus: fol 1 r - 65 v ?



Incipit: 2r. sit defensa; 9r. qui uenit; 65r. fugare dyabole; 65v. Inponet sibi

Note: Of the three litanies (24r., 39r., 52v.), the first has no distinctive entry. The second invokes Otmarus (St Gall), Gallus, Columbanus (abbot of Luxeuil and Bobbio), Afra (Augsburg), Gertrudis (Saxony), while in the third we find Otmarus, Gallus, Conradus (Constance), Gereon (Cologne), Kilianus (apostle of Franconia), Waldburgis (abbess of Heidenheim), Odilia (Hohenburg).

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